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I’ve been playing Roulette since the 1980s. One thing that blows my mind is watching the evolution of the game of Roulette when it comes to online casinos.

Online casinos are always finding new ways to make Roulette more interesting and exciting. First, we saw 3D Roulette and then Live Dealer Roulette. Okay some visual changes – but it’s still the same game of Roulette.

Then there was Roulette with special bets and bonus bets. Then multiplayer roulette and what is my favourite: multiple wheel roulette.

Within this section I aim to cover every Roulette game online, describing the main features of each game on this page, and then you can click the article to learn where to play that particular game, and all the information you ever need to know about it.

This list is sorted in alphabetical order. Note that we also have started covering non-Roulette games as well on here.

Slots Games:

Free Slots: No Download: A comprehensive look at free slot machines with no download required that people can play, with lots of details about the features of them.

Roulette Games:

10c Roulette: The perfect game for testing roulette out for real money at very low stakes. A minimum bet requirement of just 10 cents although you can bet higher if you wish. Great micro stakes roulette game.

12 Numbers Roulette: This is a roulette game with 12 numbers. An interesting style to it and quite neat to play.

20p Roulette: A minimum bet roulette game for low rollers where you can bet as low as 20 cents or 20 pence.

3D Roulette: This is the basic three Roulette games in American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette, but with a really immersive and cool 3D Graphic layout.

3D American Roulette: A version of American Roulette which is in 3D.

3 Wheel Roulette: This is a fantastic take on Roulette where there are 3 wheels of Roulette on every spin, giving you the option to win 3x.

Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette: A part roulette, part video slot adaptation with greek mythology features.

American Roulette 2D Advanced: A version of Roulette which was released in February 2018 but then updated in august 2021. Always neat when they update it with better upgrades.

American Roulette: Ah yes, the classic game of American Roulette. I tell you all about it, plus I also provide variations of American Roulette you can find online, such as multiple wheel roulette or Premium American Roulette.

American Roulette Multiplayer: A review of the multiplayer version of American Roulette.

American Roulette Pro: A variant of American Roulette as part of their “pro” series of games by Worldmatch.

American Roulette – Section8: A review of the American Roulette game by Section 8 Studios.

American Roulette 3D Advanced: An American roulette game for the more professional players. A 3D advanced game.

American Roulette High Stakes: If you want to play high stakes American Roulette, this is the one for you. It’s a high roller version of it.

American Roulette Privee: An American Roulette variant and part of the Privee series by Worldmatch and Play Labs.

Astro Roulette: Astro Roulette is an astrology themed roulette game and an offshoot of Chinese Roulette.

Auto Roulette: Auto Roulette is a lot more than just “automatic roulette”. This is a crazy sweet game where you can select to save up to 8 different betting patterns then choose what ones to do. It’s pretty damn fun and has nice graphics.

Big 500x Roulette: Part of Inspired Gamings Big 500 series of games.

Blazing 7s Roulette: Blazing 7s Roulette is a fun game by Shuffle Master which, due to the name, offers up side bets associated with the numbers 7, 17 and 27.

California Roulette: I don’t believe you can find California Roulette online, but it’s a fascinating game that was created to get by the laws of not being able to play roulette in California. Instead of a wheel, it uses a deck of 38 cards.

Card Roulette: This is a really fun take on the game of Roulette and I really dig it. Basically instead of 36 numbers you get 54 CARDS – the 52 actual cards plus the 2 joker cards – with the jokers acting as zeros. This is a really neat game and one I recommend you try if you’re looking for something different.

Chinese Roulette: Everything you need to know about Chinese Roulette.

Chinese Roulette by 1×2 Gaming: A review of the Chinese Roulette game offered by 1×2 Gaming.

Common Draw Roulette: Common Draw Roulette is a cool roulette game that goes back to the basics of Roulette.

Club Roulette: A small variation of the game of Roulette, it is set up to be a bit more casual and adds additional bets such as Cheval and Plein.

Diamond Roulette: A complete guide to the game Diamond Roulette which debuted in 2008.

Diamond Bet Roulette: Diamond Bet Rulette is a European Roulette variant by Playtech, and part of their Diamond series.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette: Dragon Jackpot Roulette is part of the Playtech Dragon’s series and is based on European Roulette.

Double Ball Roulette: A variant of European Roulette however the trick to it is there are actually two balls.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette: If you want a fun take on Roulette, this is a great one. It adds a yellow slot where if the ball rolls into, you will get two bonus spins. Really neat game and simple to play. Fast software as well.

Double Zero Roulette: A fun game by NextGen who also do single zero roulette. I break down what Double Zero Roulette actually is in this article.

English Roulette: An article detailing the variant of roulette, English Roulette and how it works.

European Roulette 2D Advanced: A fun variation of European Roulette by Casino Web Scripts. This was the first European Roulette game they released.

European Roulette – Announced Bets: A fun roulette game by Tom Horn Gaming. Announced BEts is a special feature which consists of special pre-set bet options.

En Prison Roulette: Explaining what Roulette En Prison is.

Euro Roulette: A version of European Roulette by Espresso Games.

European Football Roulette: A game from Playtech which is European Roulette but has a great soccer / football theme to it taking place within a soccer field. Very cool.

European Roulette: Much like the American Roulette article, I tell you where to play this, the differences compared to other Roulette games, as well as provide variations online for you to try out such as Mini Roulette and Exclusive Roulette.

European Roulette 3D Advanced: A variation of European Roulette in 3D and brought to us by Casino Web Scripts.

European Roulette Christmas Edition: A Christmas themed edition of European Roulette by Spinomenal.

European Roulette Low Stakes: A review of a great European Roulette game for the low stakes player.

European Roulette with Track Low: This is a European Roulette game with the Track Low feature to it.

Fair Roulete: Previously known as Fair Roulette standard, this is a roulette game by Capecod gaming.

Fair Roulette Privee: Fair Roulette Privee is part of the Privee Gaming Line by Worldmatch.

Fair Roulette Pro: The professional version of Fair Roulette.

Fair Roulette by Worldmatch: This Fair Roulette game is by Worldmatch Gaming software.

First Person Lightning Roulette: A very fast version of Roulette with a first person perspective. This is a pretty cool cross between live roulette and virtual roulette.

First Person Roulette: First Person Roulette is – well, a first person roulette game! It’s quite fun with some unique style graphics.

Football French Roulette: A combination of football and French Roulette and a really fun variation of roulette worth playing.

Fortuna: A game based on European roulette, although instead of a roulette wheel, it has a wheel of fortune.

Fortune 18: A multiplayer roulette game by Inbet.

Fortune Black: A live table Roulette game by Inbet games. Based on European roulette but using an innovated roulette table.

French Roulette: I provide details about the classic game of French Roulette, let you know where to play it online and provide information about any variations of French Roulette.

French Roulette Pro: French Roulette Pro is the professional version of French Roulette.

French Roulette 3D Advanced: A 3D advanced version of French Roulette, for the French Roulette pro.

French Roulette 2D Advanced: A 2D advanced variant of the popular French Roulette game.

French Roulette Privee: French Roulette Privee is a desktop-only table game from games developer WorldMatc

Gem Roulette: A fun game of roulette with thematic gems replacing the zeroes spots.

Global 12 Roulette: Global 12 Numbers is a very interesting take on roulette with 12 bet types and the ability to choose the duration before the draw.

Hindi Roulette: Hindi Roulette is a live casino game based on European Roulette, with a specific demographic market.

Hot Streak Roulette: We always remember the hot streaks we go on at Roulette, and this game has the Hot Streak Bonus that will reward you when you go on hot streaks.

Hot Streak Bonus Roulette: Very similar to Hot Streak Roulette, with a few differences in regards to the bonus.

Immersive Roulette: This is a very popular live dealer version of Roulette that has been around since 2013. So you know it’s popular!

Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 2D Advanced Game: Who doesn’t love Jackpot Roulette? The No-Zero games are a lot of fun.

Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 3D Advanced: A 3D version of the above 2D game!

La Roulette: If you’re a fan of European Roulette, then this is the game that you want to play. It’s European Roulette with 5 freaking wheels! How can you not love that!

Lightning Roulette: Lightning Roulette has a fun lightning round. During the lightning round, two to four suspended gold bars-like features reveal two to four lucky numbers that are then assigned between X50 and X500 bet multipliers.

Live Dealer Roulette: One of the biggest changes to online Roulette was the introduction of Live Dealers. In this article I cover all of the online casinos that offer Live Dealer Roulette and where to play it in all its forms – be it Live Dealer American Roulette, European Roulette or French Roulette.

Live Football Roulette: Live Football Roulette is a part soccer, part roulette fun live dealer game. Neat concept!

Lucky Roulette: Feeling Lucky? Then hit up Lucky Roulette with its x500 bet multiplier.

Lucky Spin Euro Roulette: A European Roulette version of Lucky Spin Roulette.

Lux Roulette: This game is from Fazi Interactive and is a live streaming game from Serbia.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live: Mega Fire Blaze Roulette is a very fun live roulette game. I go through all the details of it here.

Mini Roulette: A miniature version of Roulette, which you can usually find on the sidebar of many casino websites if you don’t want to download their casino or use their full flash casino.

Mini Roulette 3D Advanced: A 3D advanced version of mini roulette.

Multifire Auto Roulette: A variation of Multifire Roulette which has auto play.

Multifire Roulette: Multifire Roulette is a new roulette game by Switch Studios which is supplied by Microgaming.

Multi Wheel Roulette: Microgamings version of Roulette with multiple wheels.

Multi Wheel Roulette Gold: This is a really slick multiple wheel Roulette game. The “gold” emphasizes the class and professionalism in this game.

Neon Roulette: Neon Roulette is a neat variant of Roulette with a butternut and pink roulette table.

NewAR Roulette: In this article I go into detail on NewAR Roulette, what it is and how it works.

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced: The no zero Roulette game.

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced: This is an upgraded offshoot of No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced. It’s in reference to there being no zero.

Pinball Roulette: Like Pinball? Like Roulette? Then this bad boy is for you. This is really neat as rather than spinning in a wheel, the ball is actually launched into a pinball table complete with bumpers etc. Really fun arcadey feel to it.

Premier Roulette: This is a very professional and slick version of Roulette. It offers real dealer voices, 3D graphics and a ton of different visualization and customization options. Can be found at casinos using Microgaming software.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition: You get to win diamonds rather than money. Well not really but that’d be well cool.

Premium Roulette: Offered in American, European and French variations of Roulette, Premium Roulette is for the high rollers. They have much bigger table limits than your normal roulette table found online.

Premium American Roulette: The premium version of American Roulette, which is for the high rollers.

Premium European Roulette: This article is specific to the premium version of European Roulette.

Premium French Roulette: The premium version of French Roulette is reviewed here.

Premium Roulette Pro: Essentially a variant on Roulette for high rollers online. If you’re a high roller wanting to play Roulette, look for the Premium Roulette Pro tables. It comes in American, French and European Roulette variations.

Progressive Roulette: A guide to progressive roulette or progressive jackpot roulette.

Quantum Roulette: A live dealer game modeled on European Roulette. It has five quantum numbers that pay extra big.

Racetrack Roulette: I break down the game of Racetrack Roulette in this article. This uses a racetrack design rather than the wheel table.

Roulette Advanced High Limit: A game for the experienced Roulette player!

Roulette with Trick High: This is based on the racetrack feature as well as the high coin sizes.

Roulette x2: Part of the Roulette X series.

Real Roulette with Caroline: Roulette with the dealer as Caroline.

Real Roulette with Dave: Who doesn’t love Dave????

Real Roulette with Rishi: A variation of Real Roulette but with Rishi.

Realistic Roulette: Created by Realistic games, this is a realistic view of Roulette with a great 3D view.

Roulette 5: My favourite game online – Roulette 5, which is 5 wheels at once. This game is crazy and a blast, and the beautiful, crisp graphics really add to it.

Roulette Diamond: A wheel less Roulette game by 1X2 Gaming.

Roulette Diamonds VIP: A VIP version of Roulette Diamonds.

Roulette FX: The FX stands for “foreign exchange” as that is what this roulette game is all about.

Roulette Nouveau: Roulette Noveau is a French Roulette style game by Relax Gaming.

Roulette Pro: Designed for the “professional” Roulette player – Roulette Pro is a really cool game that adds more statistics than the usual online roulette game such as hot numbers, cold numbers, and the percentages when the ball lands on odd, even, red or black.

Roulette Professional: This is a really sick version of French and European Roulette – it allows high limits and also has a rel professional feel to the layout. It’s got a lot of options to suit the professional roulette player as well such as the ability to double bet, additional bets, and repeat bet.

Roulette Royale: Based on European Roulette, Roulette Royale offers jackpots plus a progressive jackpot. Spin just the same number twice in a row to win, and 5 times in a row for the progressive jackpot.

Roulette Ultimate VIP: There’s VIP level roulette then there is ULTIMATE VIP level!

Roulette with Neighbours: A fun version of Roulette which throws in the additional betting option of neighbours bets. If you’ve always wanted to play a game of Roulette with Neighbours Bets enabled, now’s your chance!

Roulette with TracK: A table game developed by Playson. I go into detail about this Roulette game and give it a review.

Roulette with Track: Another Roulete with Track game.

Sapphire Roulette: With the gem-stone-inspired casino chips, this indigo-framed roulette game really stands out.

Shot Glass Roulette: Probably my favourite roulette game!

Soiree Roulette: A live casino game with a VIP dealer service.

Speed Roulette Live: One thing I don’t enjoy about live dealer roulette games is they can be quite slow-paced. This is a nice fasted paced version of them.

Spread Bet Roulette: A fun variation of roulette where you spread your bets. I cover that entire feature here.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette: This game has an extra slot on the wheel which is wider and yellow. This is the bonus area and you get three bonus spins with it. A lot of fun and I find myself playing this on a weekly basis.

Turbo Roulette: A fast paced version of Roulette.

Turkish Roulette: You may know it as Turkce Rulet and I cover this variant of Roulette in this article.

VIP American Roulette: The VIP version of American Roulette.

VIP European Roulette: If you’re looking to play Roulette but want to be treated like a VIP or are a high roller, then there is a VIP European Roulette game available for you online.

Vip Roulette: VIP Roulette is a game offered by Fazi Interactive.

Wall Street Roulette: Wall Street Roulette is an offshoot of European Roulette.

Wild Viking: Wild Viking is a popular and quite distinct variation of Roulette, as it involves playing cards rather than the typical Roulette wheel.

World Cup Roulette: A roulette game themed by the World Cup in soccer.

Zoom Roulette: The difference in Zoom Roulette compared to other games is the zoom functionalities of the game once the ball is on the wheel. It makes the game a lot more immerse.