VIP European Roulette

The minute you walk into a casino or get online to play any of the casino game, you will notice a myriad of games. The games have rules and fashion on how to be played. Among the game that you will notice are the roulette. Let’s talk about the VIP European Roulette which is among the games featured in any Casino.

VIP European Roulette is one of the roulette games series. The games offer you a chance to win or lose based on where a marble ball lands on a spin. Do not despair if you know none because I will take you through the VIP European roulette game. It’s like European Roulette and we’ll do a refresher on the rules for that – but just for VIPs.

How VIP European Roulette Works:

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In the VIP European Roulette, the wheel and the table contain 37 numbers that are from 0 to 36. You can place one bet or many on one number or various combinations. The game plays with a standard zero rule. The rule is that all the bets that are made on the red, black, high, low, odd, and even are paid half of what they bet back if the ball is on the 0 slot. Despite the fact that the game has table displays, you cannot be allowed to place bets in the VIP European Roulette.

Difference between the VIP European Roulette and the others

The VIP European Roulette is high stake roulette. That means that you bet more when playing the game. You can place bets of up to $3000. For this reason, I advise you not to play the game online unless you know the site. You have to be on a physical table to access the high stake games. The best place to play it is Video Slots (Not available to Americans, but check out Roulette 5 at WinADay Casino instead.).

The VIP European roulette limits possible are $5000 bets outside and $1000 bets inside. The limits are relatively high for any roulette game. The bonus may e extended to up to $10,000 for the high stake players but only those who have met the 60x wager requirement.

The European roulette also varies from the American roulette in that there is only one zero on the wheel. The American roulette has two zeros while the European has one. With the double zeros, your chances of losing go up by 2.6%.

Pay-out combination for VIP European Roulette

The inside bets in the game are

1. The straight up bet: Bet on a single number whereby the chip is placed at the centre of the number from 35:1.

2. The Split bet: here, the bet is on 2 adjacent numbers such that the chip is placed on a line that separates the numbers 17:1

3. The street bet: Here, the bet is placed on any 3 numbers that follow in a row. You have to position the chip on the line that is outside. 11:1

4. The corner bet: The player bets on a block of 4 numbers such that the chip is placed on the crossing line of the numbers you bet on

5. Four bet: You bet on the numbers 0,1,2, and 3 by placing the chip on the lines that is between 0 and the position where the first row intersect 8:1

6. Line bet: You bet on 6 numbers that are 2 adjacent rows by placing your bet on the line that is above dozen bets listed between the 2 rows 5:1

The outside bets are

1. The column bet: You bet on one of the vertical column by placing the chip at the bottom of the column 2: 1

2. The Dozen bet: You bet on 12 numbers that are within the high, middle, or low by playing your bet on the first, second, or third 12

3. The Even money bet: here, you bet on 18 numbers by placing your bet on the even, odd, black, or red squares on the board.

As illustrated, the chances of winning or losing determine the wager that you will get from your bet. It is all a matter of risk that compares to the reward anticipated. The difference of the game from other roulette is in the chances of winning and the getting options. That’s what makes the VIP in the European Roulette. » Games » VIP European Roulette
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