Roulette Betting Strategies & Systems

Considering it’s been around for hundreds of years, it’s no surprise that many people have attempted to come up with various betting systems and betting strategies for the game of Roulette.

I’ve tried them all and I love them – they always make the game of Roulette that much more exciting. Every time I head out to a casino or load one up in my web browser, I’m always debating what betting system to use next. It’s fun, and if you stick with a betting system you will not make silly mistakes.

Important Note: None of these Strategies Will Help you Win at Roulette. Really there’s no way to actually WIN at Roulette – the casino always wins. You should use these more for fun anyway or to help give the illusion that you’re winning.

The best thing you can do to increase your chances of winning at roulette – and the only thing – is rely on things such as casino bonuses and casino comp points etc to help give you a better return.

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That’s the good thing about a system – the casinos make most of their money from impulsive bets. How often have you heard that bets will be closing and watch people go mental splashing chips around? That’s why you should stick with a betting system; to keep you restrained and from making those silly impulsive mistakes.

Read through these articles and pick a betting system that will work for you:

Aggressive d’Alembert Betting System: Like the d’Alembert Betting System, except has an aggressive approach to the progressive betting side to it. Go big or go home.

Anti-Martingale Betting System: The complete opposite of the martingale, although using the same fundamentals. Rather than doubling your bet on a loss, you double it on a win. A fun progressive betting system that is simple to use.

Base Two Betting System: This is a famous progressive betting system which also doesn’t have the risk of the Martingale if things go wrong. It uses two separate wager sizes and betting on 1:1 payouts such as red/black, odd/even or columns.

Best High Risk Roulette Strategies: Looking for some high risk/reward roulette strategies? I outline the best ones here.

Bet On Black Betting System: Wesley Snipes, is that you? This is an interesting betting system which is progressive but has a gradual incline to the wagering amount.

Black Snake Roulette Betting System: Get your minds out of the gutter – the black snake is a betting system for roulette involving betting 24 numbers.

Charting The Wheel Betting System: One of the first roulette systems, made famous back in the 19th century. Not the type of thing that will work these days, but still worth reading about.

Column Betting System: As you can imagine, this system is based on the columns within roulette. It is a relatively simple betting strategy used purely for betting on the columns. I recommend playing this one on European Roulette tables.

Contra D’Alembert Betting System: This is a variation of the very popular D’Alembert Betting System. It’s the complete opposite of it, and quite the interesting betting system to use.

Covering The Table Betting System: Based on European roulette, it’s a fun strategy involving covering 35 numbers on the table. I also cover variations you can make with the system based on American Roulette and less unit betting.

D’Alembert Betting System: Created by French mathematician Jean-Baptise le Rond d’Alembert, this is also known as the Pyramid betting system. This is a fun betting system, although is based purely on Gambler’s Fallacy.

Dopey Betting System: This system was made famous due to the book by Andres Martinez, where he provided detail about the Dopey Betting System, an experimental roulette betting system.

Double Street Quad Strategy: This is a very interesting strategy which involves a betting pattern on two double streets, along with a quad or corner.

Don’t Bet The Top Line: This strategy in roulette involves not betting the top line and dives into that.

Dozen Based Triple Martingale Betting System: Like many betting systems for Roulette, it’s the Martingale with a twist. It focuses on the “dozen” bets that you can make, and the progressions in betting you make are higher. Triple your initial stake.

Fibonacci Betting System: Taken from the Fibonacci Sequence from back in the 13th century, the Fibonacci Betting System is a very simple progressive betting to use, based on increments of the 2 prior numbers you bet with.

Fibonacci vs Reverse Fibonacci: In this article I compare the fibonacci and reverse fibonacci systems and break down the difference between them.

Five Quad Strategy: The Five Quad Strategy is similar to the Double Street Quad System but requires you to bet five quads while playing roulette.

Flat Betting System: The most commonly used betting system out there and the easiest for people to do. It’s a low risk strategy, and I cover a lot of different ways you can use this betting system.

Grand Martingale Betting System: The Grand Martingale Betting System is essentially the Martingale Betting System, except with a different amount of bet increments you should make. There are a couple of variations to it that I cover in this article.

Guetting Betting System: Thanks to Charlies Guetting, the French Mathematician, comes this rather complicated 4 level progressive betting system.

Hollandish Betting System: The Hollandish system is an interesting negative progressive system much like the Labouchere and the Martingale.

Identifying A Roulette Dealer Signature: I first thought about this topic when a dealer actually explained it to me – how she can generally control the area the ball goes to by when she throws it in and how shes throws it in. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about that and this is one article I highly recommend reading.

In Red We Trust Betting System: This is one of my favourite betting systems. It can be rather complex and is PERFECT for the action junkie. Only thing better than action? Well at least when it comes to Roulette – controlled action.

Inside Bet Betting System: This betting system is focused on the inside bets you can make in roulette, and you will need to have a strong understanding of all of the available inside bets.

James Bond Roulette System: A break down of the famous James Bond Roulette System.

Kavouras Bet: Kavouras Roulette Betting System is a very interesting one that appears chaotic but is a lot of fun. I like to use it a lot when playing.

Labouchere Betting System: This is a progressive betting system that is very popular at the Roulette tables. It’s based on setting aims such as the amount you wish to win or lose, and playing towards that. It uses sequences and is rather complex, but when you have it figured out it is a lot of fun and one I use often at the roulette tables.

Laws of the Third Betting System: This betting system is a betting system you can ONLY use for Roulette. It relies on the “laws of the third” whereas in 36 spins, 12 numbers won’t appear.

Low Risk Betting Strategy: Discussion and thesis about the best low risk betting strategy to play roulette with.

Lucky Numbers Betting System: Yeah you should know what this is – basically betting your lucky numbers. A nice simple betting system but we explain how to use it in more detail.

Martingale Betting System: The most popular betting system of all times, created over 250 years ago in France you’ve probably used this betting system without even knowing it.

Martingale Doubling Betting System: This is essentially the Martingale Betting System, but as I get a lot of requests from people to explain the “Martingale Doubling Betting System” I wrote a separate article with a slightly different take.

Mini Roulette Odds: In this article I go into the math of Mini Roulette and the odds and house edge.

Mini Roulette Strategy: Mini Roulette is a popular varation of roulette which has just 13 spaces with the numbers from 0-12. In this article I discuss the ideal mini roulette strategy.

Numbers Betting System: This is probably one of the more obscure betting systems out there. It’s quite complex and requires a bit of work so be sure to be familiar with Roulette before attempting the Numbers Betting System.

Red Snake Betting System: A comprehensive guide to the Red Snake Roulette Betting System. What it is and how it works.

Oscar’s Grind Betting System: This is, as the name suggests, a “grind”. It’s focused on winning 1 unit at a time and I cover exactly how it works within this article.

Parlay Betting System: North Americans will know what a parlay is – anyone outside of USA or Canada – it’s more a combo, or an accumulator in sports betting terms. You can use this system at Roulette amazingly enough, and it’s quite the fun betting system.

Paroli Betting System: A progressive betting system that is relatively simple – increasing your unit amount when you win.

Pattern Betting System: This is a classic betting system found at roulette, based on betting on three different sectors within the Roulette Wheel.

Pyramid Betting System: Also known as the D’Alembert Betting System, it’s one of the most popular betting system for beginner players next to the Martingale system.

Red Roulette Betting System: Red Roulette is an interesting betting system focused on betting on a specific colour.

Reverse D’Alembert Betting System: Now we get into the “reverse” betting systems – where it is basically the betting system in reverse. This is a neat one.

Reverse Fibonacci Betting System: Using the Fibonacci Sequence, the Reverse Fibonacci Betting System is an intriguing betting system although rather complicated. I explain how to use it here.

Reverse Martingale Betting System: This is the exact same as the Anti-Martingale Betting System. Most people know them by both variations so we have two separate articles with a different perspective covering both.

Reverse Sleeper System: This is a progressive system involving doubling the bet after each win.

The Shotwell System: Introduced in 1978 in Gambling Times Magazine, The Shotwell System is an interesting system which uses one out of seven betting number combinations.

Six Pack Plus System: A relatively new system involving making a single double street bet and then three dozens bets.

Single Repeats Betting System: This is one of my favourite betting systems – you basically follow the numbers one at a time. So you sit out the first spin and then bet the number that just won. Then you bet the next number that just won – and keep on going until you win, and you increase the units based on winning.

Sleeper System: The roulette sleeper system is based on betting the sleeping numbers – the ones that haven’t came up yet.

Super Martingale Betting System: If you’re a fan of the Martingale Betting System, then you’ll want to check out the Super Martingale Betting System that really is an interesting take on the Martingale.

Whittaker Betting System: Similar to the Fibonacci, this is a negative progression betting system.

Worst Bets in Roulette: In this article I cover the worst possible bets to make in roulette. A great article for beginners.

Expected Values in Roulette: In this article I look into the expected values within Roulette.