The Red Roulette System

The red roulette betting strategy is a system that tries to exploit the fact that the third column on the roulette table layout consists of eight red numbers and only four black numbers. This system is simple but highly effective especially to players who don’t have a huge bankroll balance to play, unlike other systems that require high bankroll to assist you to cushion any losses likely to occur while playing.

The red system is usually used in the European roulette, and its key principle is to choose a color to bet on (black or red) and double your stake every time you lose your bets. Even if one does not want to depend on this strategy solely, its fundamental principle can be used in coordination with other roulette strategies.

Just like any other betting systems available, the red system has its pros and cons. However, bookmaker remains the overall winner due to the green 0 and 00 that are not taken into consideration in this strategy.

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How Does the Red System Work?

Well, the red system works by taking advantage of the fact that the third column of the roulette table layout has eight red numbers and four black numbers as earlier mentioned.

Using the red system, one would simply place two bets at each spin with one $5 unit on the third column and two units, $10, on the black bet. This $10 stake on the black acts as some form of insurance to the $5 third column bet to avoid incurring heavy losses.

Placing a bet on the third column helps you to safely cover 8/18 available red numbers on the whole layout table. This translates to a decent 44% of all the red numbers. On the other hand, covering the black numbers with two units’ stake helps you to cover all the black numbers too. As a result, placing the two-unit stake on the black means that you’ve covered a decent 26 of the 37/38 numbers available on the layout table. (37/38 depends on whether you’re playing the “0” or “00” roulette). That translates to 70% of numbers for the “0” wheel roulette and 68% on the “00” wheel roulette.

What are the Possible Outcomes of This Strategy?

Betting using this strategy gives you five possible outcomes on each spin. These are:

1. Hitting the red number in the third column and missing the black numbers. This helps you win $10 on your $5 bet on the red column and losing the $10 bets placed on the black numbers. As a result, this outcome leaves you with a $5 loss. Having won $10 out of a total $15 stake.

2. Spinning the black number in the third column could win you $10 on the $5 third column bet and another $10 from the black column bet. As a result, this outcome gives you $20 total profit.

3. The black number spinning to the first or second column. If this occurs, you end up losing the $5 third column bet but winning $10 on each of the two black column bets. This leads to a total $5 profit.

4. The red number landing on the first or second column. In this outcome, you lose the $5 third column stake and the two $5 stakes on the black column. As a result, this result leaves you with a $15 total loss.

5. Spinning up on the “0” or “00”. This means that all the outside bets; i.e., the black and red bets loses. As a result, this outcome leaves you with a $15 loss.

Pros and Cons of the Red System


• Since all roulette systems have some risk involved, the risk involved in this system is considered to be smaller compared to other systems. Additionally, the possibility of losing in this strategy are minimized by the huge percentage of numbers covered by a single stake per spin.

• This strategy gives profits in the long run.


• Has a high possibility of reaching the table limit; usually 500

How to Get Bigger Profits from the Red System

• Initially, play smaller stakes to get profits as you double stakes more often after losing each bet.

• Look for roulette with the least possible minimum stake. The 0.1 Euros minimum stake is recommended here since it allows you to double your stakes until you win without draining your bankroll.


The Red System is a logical betting strategy and allows players to have fun both at the traditional casino and in an online casino. Although profit is not guaranteed in this system, it is a decent strategy that results in profits especially if you’re lucky and learn to stick to it even after losing a bet. » Strategy » The Red Roulette System
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