Live / B&M Casino Roulette Guide

I love Roulette, and I love the advancements in the game at online casinos in recent years. However let’s be honest; nothing beats the buzz of live roulette.

Whenever I go to a casino, I always gravitate towards the roulette tables. I love the buzz and excitement – when the dealer states that bets will be closing soon, and you see everyone frantically throwing in their chips on random numbers. And just as they go to wave their hand over the table and you get that feeling “23” and quickly fire the chips down.

And of course – when you get a numbers bet correct and they send you that big pile of chips. You just can’t beat it.

Within this section I’m going to cover Roulette at all live / brick & mortar casinos across the world and provide the ideal guide for playing roulette offline.

Also you may be interest in this article Live Dealer Roulette – Bridging the Gap between Land-Based and Online Casinos which can be a great option if you enjoy live casinos but want to play from the comfort of your own home.

Roulette in the USA:

Roulette in Las Vegas: Of course you don’t need a guide to what casinos cover roulette in Vegas – pretty much every casino does. However in this guide I cover the best casinos for low limit roulette if you’re looking to visit Vegas on a budget, or the best casinos to play high limits roulette if you have bags of money.

Best Casinos in Vegas:: The above article is listing a few casinos but this one covers what I personally feel are the best places.

Roulette in Indianapolis: If you’re traveling to Indianapolis, there are two solid casinos which are part of race tracks that you should check out if you want to play roulette. One of them even has dual spinning wheels!

Roulette in Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit – and a lot less intense than Vegas itself. Here we list the best places to play Roulette in Lake Tahoe.

Roulette in Michigan: Michigan gets a fair amount of bad press, but when it comes to gambling it’s an awesome place to do just that. There’s over 25 different casinos in Michigan, and I cover the main selections here.

Roulette in New York: In New York the laws are a bit tight right now – but you can still play roulette there, at places like indian casinos and “racinos”.

Roulette in Pennsylvania: With over 10 casinos, there are a lot of options to play Roulette in Pennsylvania. I guide you through your best options for playing roulette, as well as listing other features.

Roulette in Connecticut: Ah yes Connecticut – the home of Foxwoods. There are two major casinos in Connecticut that I’d recommend for playing Roulette at.

Roulette In Atlantic City: A very popular destination for people playing Roulette in the USA is in Atlantic City. I detail all the popular and best places to do just that!

Roulette In Arkansas: Traveling to Arkansas? Why the heck would you do that? Well if you are here’s where you can play roulette live.

Roulette in Florida: There’s a LOT of things to do in Florida. Including playing at casinos!

Roulette in Wyoming: A complete guide to where to play Roulette in Wyoming.

Roulette in Vermont: If you live in Vermont and want to play roulette at an actual casino you’re going to have to think outside the box. Here’s our guide to playing roulette in Vermont.

Roulette in South Dakota: I need to alphabetize this list one day. Anyhoo this is Roulette guide in South Dakota.

Roulette in Texas: A complete guide to playing Roulette in casinos in the tiny little state known as Texas.

Roulette in Tennessee: The complete guide to Roulette in the great state of Tennessee.

Roulette in Oregon: Complete guide to Roulette in Oregon and what casinos are in Oregon.

Roulette in Rhode Island: Wanting to play Roulette in Rhode Island? Here’s our guide.

Roulette in New Hampshire: This is the guide to playing roulette in New Hampshire and what casinos you can play roulette at there.

Roulette in Utah: A complete guide to playing Roulette in Utah. Where to play Roulette in Utah.

Roulette in Oklahoma: The complete guide to playing Roulette in Oklahoma.

Roulette in Colorado: Colorado has over 40 casinos. Here’s the guide to the best ones to play roulette at.

Roulette in Delaware: Our guide to roulette in Delaware and where to play roulette in Delaware.

Roulette in California: A complete guide to where to play roulette in California.

Roulette in South Carolina: Looking to play Roulette in South Carolina? Here’s a guide to it.

Roulette in Wisconsin: Our complete guide to playing Roulette in Wisconsin.

Roulette in North Carolina: The complete breakdown to casinos in North Carolina where you can play roulette at.

Roulette in Georgia: A complete guide to playing Roulette in Georgia. Georgians love to gamble and it’s going to be even better after the new bill passed!

Roulette in Alabama: We should really sort these out in alphabetical order one day. Anyway here is the guide to Roulette in Alabama.

Roulette in Arizona: A complete guide to playing Roulette in Arizona – where casinos have air conditioning thankfully!

Roulette in Alaska: Casinos in Alaska? You bet. Here’s our guide to roulette in Alaska.

Roulette in Kansas: Our guide to roulette in Kansas including at the very popular Hollywood Casino.

Roulette in Louisiana: An article listing where to play Roulette in Louisiana.

Roulette in Maine: A comprehensive guide to playing Roulette in the State of Maine.

Roulette in Maryland: Another week, another state visited and roulette checked out. This time it’s Maryland.

Roulette in Mississippi: Our complete and comprehensive guide on where to play Roulette in Mississippi.

Roulette in Illinois: A guide to where to play Roulette in Illinois.

Roulette in Massachusetts: Covering what casinos to play Roulette in like Plainridge and Twin River.

Roulette in Missouri: In the great state of Missouri? Here’s where you can play Roulette there.

Roulette in New Mexico: The complete guide to the best casinos to play roulette at in New Mexico.

Roulette in Idaho: Covering Roulette in Idaho and what casinos to play it at like the Coeur D’ Alene Casino Resort Hotel.

Roulette in New Jersey: If you live in New Jersey you might want to look for Russian Roulette instead. I kid, I kid. This is our guide to playing roulette in New Jersey.

Roulette in Iowa: A complete guide to playing Roulette in the great state of Iowa.

Roulette in Indiana: A guide to playing Roulette in Indiana at places like the Blue Chip Casino.

Roulette in Nebraska: Covering where to play Roulette in Nebraska.

Roulette in Montana: A guide to playing Roulette in Montana at the Buffalo Rivers Casino & Lodge and other places.

Roulette in Hawaii: Information about playing roulette in Hawaii and whether it is possible or not.

Roulette in Nevada: Covering Roulette in Nevada.

Roulette in Kentucky: The complete guide to playing Roulette in the great state of Kentucky.

Roulette in Minnesota: Our guide to playing the great game of Roulette in the great state of Minnesota.

Roulette in North Dakota: Covering where to play Roulette if you live in or are visiting North Dakota.

Roulette in Ohio: The guide to playing Roulette in Ohio at casinos like the Hard Rock Rocksino or the Hollywood Casino Columbus.

Roulette in Virginia: Looking to play Roulette in Virginia? You can’t and here’s why…

Roulette in Washington: In this article I pick out the best casinos to play at in Washington if you’re looking to play roulette.

Roulette in West Virginia: With a lot of casinos and options to gamble, here’s our guide to casinos in West Virginia.

Roulette in McCarran International Airport: This is a guide to playing roulette or gambling in the airport in Las Vegas.

Roulette in Canada:

Roulette in British Columbia: I’m sure gambling isn’t the REAL reason you’re going to BC, wink wink. But as someone who visits there at least once per year, there is quite a few casinos no matter what city you hit up. The Hard Rock is probably my favourite.

Roulette in Calgary: If you’re looking to play Roulette in Calgary, Alberta then you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few great casinos to play it at, with new ones popping up all the time.

Roulette in Edmonton: Alberta is a hotbed for casinos, and Edmonton has a few choice casinos for you to try out. My favourite one is probably in the West Ed, but there are quite a few others that you should look into if you are wanting to play Roulette in Edmonton.

Roulette in Manitoba: I’ve never made it out to Manitoba to try their casinos, but I have some friends there who provided me with recommendations. Depending on where you are in Manitoba, there are government run casinos and natively owned.

Roulette in Saskatchewan: The province of Saskatchewan has two main casinos. However there are still quite a few other casinos within Saskatchewan that spread roulette.

Roulette in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia is home to two casinos, with only one of them covering Roulette. All the details about the two casinos in Nova Scotia are here.

Roulette in Ontario: Dominated by OLG Casinos, there is quite a few options in Ontario for playing Roulette. Of course the best casinos are in Windsor and Niagara Falls, but there are still a few other solid options.

Roulette in Quebec: No-one can quite gamble like the French, and the French-Canadians do a great job offering a few really fantastic casinos with some great roulette options.

Roulette in New Brunswick: Possibly the worst option in Canada for casinos unfortunately, New Brunswick offers Casino New Brunswick which thankfully being the only choice is still a nice, if busy casino. They also offer a pretty sweet spa.

Play Roulette World-wide:

Roulette in Aruba: Aruba is an amazing place, and of course they have Roulette at casinos like Stellaris. One thing to note though is that you can usually only find American Roulette to play in Aruba.

Advice For Playing Live Roulette:

If you are looking to play Roulette live, be sure to check out our Roulette for Dummies section where I cover topics such as etiquette at the Roulette table.