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Of course, I don’t think you’re actually a dummy – but you are obviously visiting here because you’re new to Roulette, and you’ve came to the right place.

Throughout these articles I’m going to hold your hand and cover all of the basics for you when it comes to Roulette. From teaching you the terminology to actual etiquette. That way no matter whether you are playing at an online casino or at a live casino, you’ll always feel comfortable thanks to this Roulette Players Starters Guide.

Important: The best thing you can do is sign up at an online casino where you can play for FREE. They give you play money chips and you can use them to really help you with roulette, try out various systems and strategies etc.

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Roulette Explained: From Beginner to Pro in Simple Steps: A comprehensive guide to explaining the basics of roulette so you can fully understand the game.

The Illogicality of Roulette Players: A lot of beginner roulette players make illogical moves at times in regard to betting. In this article I cover those bets and mindsets so you can make sure not to make the same mistakes.

Intriguing Facts About Online Casino Roulette: Some interesting facts about online roulette such as the Mysterious 666, and spinning directions as well as California Roulette.

Live vs. Online Roulette: Which Is Better for You?: Comparing live roulette versus online roulette, so you can make the decision as to which version of roulette you may be better suited for.

Key Differences Between American and European Roulette: The two most common roulette games – but what are different about them? I break it down in this article.

Are Roulette Casinos Rigged at Higher Stakes?: A common question I Get is in regard to whether roulette is actually rigged at higher stakes. It’s not – and I go in-depth about that within this article.

A Brief History of Online Roulette: I’ve covered the actual history of roulette on here, but the evolution of online roulette has been really interesting to see and I have this article covering the evolution and history of online roulette.

Can A Dealer Influence the Roulette Wheel?: A look into the concept of “ball steering” by roulette dealers.

An Analysis of Progressive Jackpot Roulette RTP and Strategy: This is an in-depth look at progressive jackpot roulette, and how your strategy should change based on playing it compared to a normal roulette game.

A Complete Guide to All the Kinds of Roulette Our There: This article covers the main roulette games out there and covers the differences between them.

Everything you need to know about Zero in online roulette: A look into the Zero Sector of Roulette, and covering everything that you need to know in regard to it.

Roulette House Edge: What You Need To Know: A detailed look into the roulette house edge and an essential “for dummies” guide which is required prior to playing roulette.

New Zealand Versus Australia Online Casinos 2022: For my down under audience – a comparison look at online casinos in Australia and New Zealand in 2022.

Roulette Rules: The first thing you need to learn is the rules of Roulette. What you can do, what you can’t do and how it all works so that you can start playing Roulette immediately with no confusion.

Roulette Strategy for Dummies: We have a complete section on Roulette strategy covering all of the various betting systems, but this article deals with the most basic strategy that a new player should implement at the Roulette tables.

Bankroll Management in Roulette: One of the most important factors of Roulette is managing your bankroll. This article goes into detail about that and proper roulette bankroll management.

Roulette Bets: Next, you should understand all of the betting options that you have available for you when it comes to Roulette. When playing you should obviously start out with the basics, but for the fun aspect you really need to learn all about the different bets and what they mean.

Roulette Inside Bets: I covered all of the roulette bets above, but in this article I go into a lot more detail and a lot more in depth on all of the inside bets you can do in Roulette.

Roulette Outside Bets: In this article, I get all in-depth about all of the outside bets available to you when playing Roulette.

Inside Bets vs Outside Bets: I now discuss both of the above bets, compare them and decide what is better.

Roulette Odds: Different bets mean different odds, and different games also mean different odds. For example – the differences in odds between American Roulette and European Roulette. I cover that all for you within this article.

Double Zero and Single Green Roulette Odds: An article covering and going into depth about double zero and single green roulette odds.

Betting Dozens in Roulette: A guide to what dozens are in roulette and how to bet them and the optimal roulette dozens betting strategy.

Online vs Live: If you’re wondering whether to play roulette online or play at a live casino – well, both are great. I’ve covered the pros and cons of both to help you see both sides of the argument.

Where To Play Roulette Online: In this article, I pick out the best online casinos to play Roulette online at, offering up different reasons to play at some such as no deposit bonuses or different variations on the game of Roulette beyond the norm.

5 Reasons People Lose: In this article I cover 5 basic reasons that people lose at Roulette. Don’t make the same mistakes!

Basic Roulette Concepts: In this article I cover basic roulette concepts such as Gambler’s Fallacy – any beginner roulette player should know these.

Betting Columns in Roulette: Explaining what betting columns in roulette is and how it works and how to bet columns in roulette.

House Advantage: In this article I go into detail about the house advantage in the popular forms of roulette.

Common Misconceptions: There are many common misconceptions about Roulette that as a new player you may have heard, such as sleeping numbers or rigged wheels. I break all that down for you and list some you may not have heard.

More Common Misconceptions: My previous post got people talking and they brought up more misconceptions for me to cover.

Balls in Roulette: A discussion and look into how many balls are in roulette or used in a game of roulette and how that affects online roulette.

Can a Roulette Dealer Steer the Ball?: A common thing you will hear from a roulette dealer is that they can steer the ball and put it in a particular section for you. Are they being legit? Or are they just seeking a tip. Let’s go in-depth about that…

Chasing Roulette Losses: An article on the psychology behind chasing roulette losses.

Do Roulette Tables Have Magnets?: I get asked this question a lot so now to answer it and go into detail about it.

Roulette Probabilities: If you’re a fan of math(and who isn’t!) then you’ll really like this article, as I go indepth about all of the probabilities within roulette.

Roulette Terminology: At the tables you’ll hear a lot of slang and lingo that you may not be familiar with. My Roulette Terminology article has you covered from the basics to the most obscure terms.

Roulette Etiquette: Ah yes, my most popular article on here accessed by mobile devices. I can just picture people in Vegas, about to hit up the Roulette tables for the first time and googling “Roulette Etiquette”. Don’t worry – if it’s your first time playing Roulette in a live casino I’ll make sure you don’t do anything wrong.

Roulette Superstitions: Like any casino games, when you’re playing Roulette it’s likely that you will make some plays based on superstitions. I cover some of the common as well as rare superstitions you will encounter in Roulette here.

Roulette Wheel Differences: With so many variations in Roulette games, there are quite a few differences in the wheels. You probably know about American Roulette and European Roulette – but what about French Roulette, or Triple Bonus Spin Roulette? What are the wheel differences there? I go through all of the differences in Roulette wheels.

How to Win At Roulette: Of course there is no magic secret when it comes to winning at Roulette. But there are methods you can do to make yourself a “winner” in the sense you don’t make the mistakes the average gambler does. I cover that in this article.

Roulette Facts & Trivia: I’ve learned a lot of interesting Roulette trivia, facts and interesting tidbits over the years. I’ve listed them all within this article.

Roulette Psychology: Interested in the Psychology behind Roulette? From Mystery to Lucky Numbers to Confidence, I talk about and go-indepth about Roulette psychology.

Most Frequent Roulette Numbers: I’m always asked what are the most frequent roulette numbers to come up and if there’s a system based on that. Here’s my thoughts on the topic.

Physics in Roulette: In this article I discuss the physics involved in roulette.

Roulette at Home: Wanting to set up Roulette in your own house? From building your own table to purchasing the chips I’ve got you covered. The sickest addition to any man cave!

History of Roulette: Interested in some further reading? Want to read about the beginnings and then evolution of Roulette? I’ve written all that in my History of Roulette article.

Biased Roulette Wheels: I get asked a lot about biased roulette wheels. In this article I go into detail about what they are and how they work.

Are Roulette Tables Rigged?: Similar to the above I get asked a lot if roulette tables are rigged at live casinos. I talk about that in this article.

Best Roulette Books: In this article I go over the best roulette books that you can by to learn more about the game, and for strategies etc.

Safest Roulette Bet: Discussing the safest bets to make in roulette.

Standard Deviation in Roulette: In this article I discuss standard deviation in roulette.

How Many Players At A Roulette Table?: Details on how many players can play at a roulette table.

How Many Numbers on a Roulette Wheel: Explanation as to how many numbers are on specific roulette wheels and why.