Roulette Superstitions

Roulette is a popular gambling game that is based on chance. This means that the odds of winning are the same regardless of strategy. The game is played on a wheel numbered one to thirty-six that are colored black or white. There is also a green number zero. The dealer spins the wheel and drops a ball onto it. The ball lands on one of the numbers declaring a winner. Each turn has no impact on the previous or the future spin.

Nevertheless, there are several myths and superstitions that people believe exist in the game. Let’s cover just some of the many roulette superstitions out there:

Roulette Superstitions: Sleeping Numbers

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Sleeping numbers are numbers that have not been seen in awhile. Many people believe that if a number has not come up in the game lately that it is more likely to in the future. The truth is that there is no mathematical reasoning to back up sleeping numbers because every turn is independent of the others before and after.

Roulette Superstitions: Patterns

A lot of gamblers have a pattern they follow when making bets. They may choose to only bet on certain colors or even numbers. While betting on red or black will clearly have better odds than green, there is no way of proving “lucky” patterns. Many superstitious people will have a betting pattern they use for everything. Their pattern can be based on a variety of different things. Many people use birthdays or favorite numbers. What makes certain patterns lucky to people is subjective to each individual.

Roulette Superstitions: Avoiding the Unlucky

In the game of roulette, just as in other games, people tend to stay away from numbers they consider “unlucky”, such as the number 13. Even if you’ve broken a mirror, walked under a ladder, and encountered a black cat, your odds do not change. People tend to stray away from odd numbers, the number 7 and 13, and the color black. These superstitions have been around for centuries and their history is debatable. The myths may go on forever, but the odds never change.

Roulette Superstitions: The Dealer

Like many other betting games, people often blame the dealer. People think that the way the dealer releases the ball has an effect on the outcome. While it most certainly has an effect, that effect is also purely chance and does not change the odds of winning. The wheel and the ball spin in different directions making it impossible to control the ball. Paying close attention to the dealer, or watching where his eyes are looking, has no impact on the spin. No matter how the dealer chooses to deal, once the ball hits the table it is a game of purely chance.

Roulette Superstitions: Buying Luck

People like to believe that the more money they bet, the more luck is on their side. They believe that by giving up more, they are buying more luck. Unfortunately, luck does not work this way and your chances of loosing do not lower when all of ones money is on the table. There is no such thing has buying luck, if anything it may leave you broke.

Roulette Superstitions: The Eye

It is a popular roulette strategy to choose the first number or color you see on the wheel. Often people have regrets and claim that they “knew” they should have picked that number. It is believed that betting on what the eye first sees is more likely to win because it was a gut feeling. It is also considered unlucky to make a choice and then change it afterward. This stems from people having their previous choice be the winner. They say they should have stuck with their gut, being their first pick.

Roulette Superstitions Summarized

Superstitions have been around for a very long time and they are not going anywhere soon. Though they are popular in the gambling scene, there is no real evidence of having any impact on the game of roulette. Roulette is based on purely luck. The way that each spin is independent of the others makes it very difficult to prove that there is any real skill to the game. The odds cannot change. It is human nature to assume something is lucky when good things come our way for no particular reason. The good thing about playing a game with set odds is that superstitions may not work in ones favor, but they will also not work against it. Carrying around a rabbit’s foot or straying away from the number 13 will not hurt the odds. If anything, it will at least give the player a bit of confidence. » For Dummies » Roulette Superstitions
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