Can a Roulette Dealer Steer a Ball/Section Shooting?

The game of Roulette goes back to the days where dealers used to peek into the cards and somebody had to stand have look to hold them back. Back in the days the dealer would not allow the players have the balls in less than one spin. The players want more spins and are ready to play again more. But the dealers are not aware of this outstanding tradition of playing the game.

The dealers are usually allowed to spin the wheel in whatever force they like. And if the players complain about the speed of the wheel, are usually ignored. It’s like all the dealers re allowed to decide how to play the game and how the payouts can be according to their wish. Some of them lay out their own discretion of rules while others dealt their spins from different decks.

Usually the players have a mentality to win the roulette and they apparently do not. It’s because how much ever skilled they are they cannot come over the house edge on all their bets.

The Debate

There is a debate still going one to decide whether the dealer can steer the ball/section shooting. As the players have a mind to win and they usually do not, they tend to believe in the concept of the dealer able to spin or steer the balls or sections to cheat on them. There are many dealers and casino people to talk about such belief.

Few experts say that the dealers can spin with whatever force they need to, but there is no way they can decide the final position of the ball and they can cannot influence consciously the wheel.

Yet another experienced person says that the dealer has to do things in a specific way for the ball to land up in a particular section. The dealer should always through the ball at a particular point and the spinning of the wheel will be to the same direction towards the ball. If the dealer has to use same speed every time and use the same hand to spin. Finally there should not be any hindrances in the wheel. Only by doing so the dealer can influence the ball or a section which almost impossible.

The Myth and why it is not possible?

· Consider the wheel which is continuously being spin. The wheel can obviously give you a different result even the next day or next minute. Even a same dealer and same wheel will give you different results in different spins.

· People think that each dealer have their own signature spin which with will make the spins come similarly giving the same results eventually. This impossible because a person cannot spin continuously with same speed unless the dealer is a robot.

· The spins and section of result depends on the working of the wheel and also the shape of the ball. The wheel can have technical issues at times and the balls can change from sphere.

· There is no possibility of the dealers doing 2 skills at the same time. They have to spin the wheels and spin the balls with exact speed every time which is technically not possible.

· Even the athletes playing bowling, steering or shooting gets a break to aim correctly for next shot. Here the dealers do it continuously and expect them to steer with precision every time. » For Dummies » Can a Roulette Dealer Steer a Ball/Section Shooting?
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