Everything you need to know about Zero in online roulette

Every game of chance has gambling features. In poker, there are Joker cards that significantly increase the chances of winning. In video slots, you can get unique Wild and Scatter symbols with their properties. The first can turn into any symbol, making a chain of images longer and bring more money to the player

The second triggers Free Spins – win-win bets with a chance to get a jackpot. And biggest roulette payouts are featured by Zero and Double Zero sectors. So, what’s the hustle about Zero sector in roulette? If you want to play roulette at an online casino for money, this is the first thing you should know. After all, this knowledge will directly affect your game results and strategy.

How much does roulette pay?

Important details

First, it should be noted that there are several types of roulette game. There are two main types of roulette (American and European). The main difference between them lies in the presence of the Zero sector: European Roulette has only one Zero, while the American in addition to single Zero has Double Zero sector. What does it mean for the player? It all depends on the type. In the first case (or when playing French roulette) when a sector with zero appears, the player gets half of the outside bets (made not on a specific number, but on a certain color, even or odd).

This rule is called La Partage. It allows you to avoid big losses. Thanks to it, the casino has only a 1.27% advantage over the player in this game. But in American roulette there is a double Zero, on a roll of which all bets go to the casino (if you didn’t bet on it of course). Therefore, here is a higher edge of the casino compared to the player – 5.4%. It is also worth adding that there is a subtype of the game, like “mini roulette”. Here there are only 12 sectors and one Zero. Smaller numbers – a greater chance to hit zero. Here the advantage of the institution reaches a mark of 7.7%.

What kind of online roulette to choose for the most profitable game? Of course, European, or French, because here the chances to win or at least get a part of your bets back are higher. But not all online casinos have these types available. So, before you play, you should carefully study the institution and find out what kind of roulette you can play there. It is difficult to find European online roulette (the real one) at reputable gambling website, but it is possible. It is also worth noting that in some variations of roulette you can bet on the Zero. And if this cell falls out, the player gets an extra win. In this case, mini roulette with a reduced number of cells already looks much more interesting in terms of big wins.

Is it possible to win in roulette?

The main goal of course is to guess the number or sector on which the ball will fall. But everyone would have been millionaires long ago if it were that easy. Apparently, it is impossible to beat roulette. So, is it real or not?

In theory, the odds are the same for the player and the casino, except that in the long run the one with the most money wins. For example, the Fibonacci method is very effective, but the potential of a strategy limited by the size of the player’s deposit.

Therefore, “to beat the casino” – is not a very correct statement. It is possible to make a profit, and only on a few bets. For this purpose, professional players establish a calculated and predicted winning plan. And when their goal is achieved – do not succumb to greed and leave the table with the maximum profit.

To greatly increase the chance of success, you can combine several strategies into one. For example, the Fibonacci betting progression is perfectly combined with the performance of a constant outside bet. Or betting on the type of Six Lines would be suitable for a Martingale strategy. All in all, you have to try it yourself! » For Dummies » Everything you need to know about Zero in online roulette
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