5 Reasons People Lose When Playing Roulette

Gambling games have been around for quite some time and roulette is one of those games that dates way back. Having been around since the 18th century, roulette is one of the most popular games of chance played in the casinos these days (Both online and physical). Indeed, this game is purely pegged on chance but players often apply strategies to ensure they win. In the same vein, there are also things people do consciously or subconsciously that escalates or guarantees a losing streak.

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1. Employing the wrong strategy

A sure way to lose roulette is to leave all to chance and not focus on strategy. Even a game that is defined by chance needs a strategy around it. One of the wrong strategies normally in play is a player trying too hard to maximize profits by putting in more money despite losing. It is referred to as the sunk cost fallacy. The dangerous logic behind this is in a case like you having already invested $100 in the game and you do not want all of it to go to waste, so you keep on adding the bet. As it is hard to ascertain the profit you make from roulette, a better strategy would be the opposite, playing to minimize losses.

2. Not quitting in good time

There is the thrill and adrenaline in playing roulette and you keep winning. One thing to have in mind though is that as the trend is in your favor , it can also be against you. The situation can change for or against you at any time. It can happen that a player is winning consistently and when they keep on playing, the tide might change against them- at any time. This may result in losing all the wins made. One needs to quit in good time to avoid these loses. A good way to monitor and know a good time to quit is to have your loss and profit targets. You should know how much you are willing to lose and what amount you will be content with when you win. You should be keen on the profit target and not get too greedy. Once you achieve it, leave, or you might end up losing. Hit and Run.

3. Not keeping the house advantage in mind

In relation to not quitting in time, there is the problem of playing for too long that the house advantage checks in. There is nothing wrong with playing roulette for too long; you might be enjoying the game, only that the house advantage sometimes referred to as the house edge, player disadvantage or average expectation, starts taking over. The house edge has it that you cannot stay in profit for too long main reason being that these casinos also need to make money. In theory, the house advantage is the amount of money the casino takes for itself while the rest pays out the wins of the other players. Another way to look at it would be that the casino takes count of all the bets put on the roulette table, takes a small percentage and pays out what is left.

4. Not knowing how much to bet

When playing the game of roulette, one needs to know how much they should bet, an amount they can afford to lose. It being a game of chance, one can lose very easily and quickly. Once you are set on how much you are willing to lose, stick to that amount and do not attempt playing a game after that in a bid to ‘recover’. Be accountable to your loss target to avoid losing more than you are willing to.

5. Not withdrawing/reserving profits as they come

Another reason why people lose is betting with the profits they make as they play. In order to win in roulette, one needs to reserve whatever they win. An example is, if you have started off with $150 and you end up with $200, withdraw the $50 and put it aside. Doing this will ensure you do not lose and the worst that can happen is that you can only draw even. Using all the money that is inclusive profits is a sure way to lose roulette.

In such a game of chance, it is better to be safe than sorry. A coin has no memory so one cannot really predict the odds. In order to avoid being at a loss, a good start would be to avoid the things people do that guarantee losses. » For Dummies » 5 Reasons People Lose When Playing Roulette
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