Do roulette tables have magnets?

You head over to the roulette table, your game face on, and you have a good feeling about this game. This time you have a feeling you will win despite losing two times previously. Roulette is meant to be a game of chance. It can be rewarding or disastrous to the bettor.

But then, you lose again. You resign to the fact that the house always wins, right? But, what if the casino has put up measures to ensure you lose? What if the roulette tables have been rigged with magnets to cheat players?

In the guide below we tell you whether this is true or not, the number of times you are likely to come across a rigged table, and what you can do to protect yourself from this cheating.

Roulette tables with magnets

It is true that some on-land casinos use roulette tables with magnets. Magnets have been used since time in memorial to prevent players from making huge winnings on bets.

This works by placing an electromagnet beneath each pocket’s surface. The ball itself has a steel or iron center making it easy to manipulate using a magnet. So, every time you roll your ball, the casino operator activates the electromagnet, this prevents the ball from landing on zero.

It is hard to tell whether a roulette table has magnets or not. Most licensed casinos use tables that adhere to government standards. You are most likely to come across magnetized roulette table when playing in unlicensed casinos.

Some licensed casinos use these tables as well. However, there is a danger to using magnetized tables. If the casino is found to be using these tables, there is a likelihood that the government will order for its closure.
Do not play a fool

Now that you have realised the reason for your losing streak, you should seek to protect yourself from future losses.

Online play

The only way to ensure you do not fall victim to this rigged roulette wheels is by playing certified electronic roulette games. These games are offered through online casinos.

Online play is more secure because:

Logins and password- as an online player, you are required to create an account with your online casino. You will protect this account with a secure password and additional security questions. This unique information keeps your account safe from fraudsters.

eCOGRA- eCOGRA is a world industry leader in game testing. This company rigorously tests each roulette game, at least several times a year, to make sure that the games remain fair and safe for all players. They also examine RTPs and RNGs for software developers and major casinos.

Technical System Testing (TST)- TST offers game testing, game payouts, provides reports for sports books and live dealer games and evaluate RNGs. This company also tests gaming sites on security and fairness.


For an online casino to operate, it requires licenses from a jurisdiction. To get this license, an online casino operator will have to ensure a player’s bankroll money is banked separately from other player’s money. This ensures that the casino does not use your money to pay winnings to other players.

It is very likely you lose your bet on land-based casino roulette tables because of the magnets that are well hidden on them. Ensure the safety of your bet by using online casinos that are regulated by jurisdictions, provide you with an account with a password, and have games that are tested eCOGRA and TST. » For Dummies » Do roulette tables have magnets?
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