Roulette Psychology

The psychology behind roulette, like many casino and gambling games, can be very complicated. From why people play the game to why people bet on the numbers they do, there are lots of theories behind the game of roulette. Though roulette may be similar to other casino games, it has a special reputation that makes people feel different when playing roulette. Unlike other games that people have studied and figured out, roulette still remains mysterious. The game attracts all kinds of people from the rich and famous, to the random person passing by. Everyone wants to play the popular game to see what all the talk to about.

Roulette Psychology: Mystery

Casino games such as roulette have a particular energy about them that attracts people. Roulette is a very risky and mysterious game. People are often intrigued by it. Since roulette is a game of pure chance, there are many superstitions and myths about it. The mystery of the game often lures people in. Winning a game of pure chance really makes people feel lucky.

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Roulette Psychology: Experience

Though the art of betting is a skill within itself, the skill it takes to play roulette is pretty low. Anyone can play roulette. Often people who are intimidated by games such as BlackJack will turn to play roulette. Roulette gives people confidence in the casino and in the gambling scene. There are very few rules and it is a very easy game to understand. It attracts many beginners and those new to gambling. The game also brings people together. The most experienced of roulette players are seen playing with the most inexperienced.

Roulette Psychology: Lucky numbers

Most people have their own psychological reasons behind having numbers they consider lucky. In roulette, just as in other casino games, people choose lucky numbers based on an array of reasons. Some people have had the same lucky numbers since childhood. It may have been an old jersey number from their little league or a professional athlete they looked up to. Many people use their birthdays or birthdays of family members. Most people have the same lucky number for years and never change it. The most popular number played in roulette is the number 17. James Bond is seen playing the number 17 in several of his movies.

Roulette Psychology: Good Atmosphere

Many roulette players are very particular about their playing atmosphere. Some people will leave a table because they do not feel the “winning” energy there. Because the game is based on more chance than other games in the casino, people tend to rely on other factors. People can be very picky about the roulette table they are playing at. People may only like to play with a full table or if there is an even amount of people playing. Psychologically, people prefer to play games of such luck when they are feeling particularly “lucky”. Many people flee to the roulette table after they have won lots of money somewhere else in the casino. It is very common for people to be having a “lucky” streak and come to the roulette table to play all or nothing.

Roulette Psychology: Confidence

Psychologically, roulette can make people feel very confident. Since the game takes very little skill and is based on pure chance, people often stop at the roulette table first. Some people go to the roulette table to test their luck for the day. If one wins big or does well on the roulette table, they are more likely to go on and bet bigger at the other tables. If one comes to the roulette table and loses, it can cause that person to feel it is not a lucky day for them. Since feeling lucky is such a big part of the atmosphere at the casino, roulette can be the perfect game to test your luck that day.

Roulette Psychology: Winning

Roulette is a fairly fast game. You know almost instantly if you have won or not and that often leaves people wanting to play many rounds. People often do not want to leave the roulette table feeling unlucky. It is not unusual to see people that will try and stay on the roulette table until they win. Once people feel like they have gotten their luck up, they are more likely to try and play other games.

Roulette Psychology: All or Nothing

People often see roulette as the all or nothing game. People psychologically do not feel satisfied unless they have bet all of their money. Roulette is a good game to play all or nothing because it is quick, easy, and the wins can be big. It used to be a game known for only being played by the rich and royal. » For Dummies » Roulette Psychology
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