What is the safest roulette bet?

Most people will tell you that there no safe roulette system in the world. But most of them have no experience in the game. In fact, there are many safe roulette systems and have robed casinos more money.

Most players fail to distinguish between roulette system and roulette strategy. Roulette strategy is concerned with issues such as avoiding detection, withdrawing funds and how you organize your team. Roulette system, on the other hand, is the actual betting mechanism.

Players are confused on whether they should place many or few roulette numbers. This article will share on betting 35 numbers and expecting to get the best results.

Most people have a wrong conception that when you are betting 35 numbers, you are risking a lot of money. Others believe that if they bet fewer numbers, they will be exposed less to edge of the house as opposed to when they bet many numbers.

Practically this argument contains some advantages because if you bet with few numbers, your overall bet will be lower compared to many numbers. Since the player disadvantage is calculated depending on your overall bet, this means that you will be better off. But theoretically, it does not have any connection with the numbers you decide to bet. You can bet 35 numbers with $1 each or bet $35 on one number and expect same results. Therefore there is nothing wrong when you bet many numbers. This removes the notion that people have that if you bet many numbers; you will be risking more money which is not true!

Inside odds
These are individual numbers in roulette system. They are recommended for advanced roulette players but not beginners. Casual players are advised to stick to outside odd such as colors and dozens.

Red/ Black Strategy
If you just want to have fun, then this strategy will work well for a short-time but will lower your risk compared to other methods.

Begin by betting using one red chip. If you fail, add another chip to your next bet. If you win, remove one chip from your next bet. The process continues like that until you achieve your target.

A safe roulette bet is the one that will not blow the players bankroll away. You can bet 35 numbers on roulette and hope for the best results, although you are risking a lot of money. But it is not the same as the person who has been betting so many times and expecting that he will not finally lose.

Professional roulette players recommend black or red as one the safest roulette bets ever. But this is not true because they are affected by the player’s disadvantage.

If you want to make a living playing roulette, then you need to a system that applies physics. This is the proven methods that can assist you to beat roulette in future. A professional roulette system is the safest compared to the other roulette systems that are available today. This article is a must-read for roulette lovers all over the world. It will help them know more about the safest roulette bet. » For Dummies » What is the safest roulette bet?
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