The Best Roulette Books

Success in roulette is perhaps governed by the house edge much more than in other casino games, but there can’t be a reason as to why you can’t be a top player regardless.

There are a plethora of books detailing system strategies and roulette strategy. Not all of them are worth a read – however, this doesn’t automatically mean there are no good books out there. The useful ones require a lot of digging, which will develop your skill and knowledge.

Read these books to stretch your bankroll even further, as well as having an enjoyable and relaxed time!

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Norman Leigh – Thirteen Against the Bank

To kick off, we have Norman Leigh’s Thirteen Against the Bank. But before you get yourself up for buying this book, it’s advisable to take some time to saunter around a casino and take a look. Norman Leigh’s book focuses on the life of the professional. It gives a very fascinating insight on the gamblers. This book doesn’t exactly promote gambling, but it’s more or less as a way of capturing the mindset of the professional gambler himself, Norman Leigh.

It is a brilliant read for sure, one that will leave you wanting a life behind the spinning wheels. It is highly recommended to grab this biography before you buy something that may not be of use.

Norman Squirewell’s How To Win At Roulette

Although the title of the book sounds like just another “we have unlocked the code”, the content says otherwise. This book was written in the late 60s, and the book is worth reading for the roulette players out there since it was one of the first books that discusses progressive betting systems, and the kinds of strategies and tips which suits multiple playing philosophies.

In terms of content, it’s ground breaking. It’s a book of interest for every roulette player whose main focus of the game is the mechanism and its nuances. The title does seem a bit dodgy, but don’t let that cloud your judgement on the content and coverage.

Catalin Barboianu’s Roulette Odds and Profits

If you want to bring yourself to learn the deeper and complex treatments in the game, the odds of winning in general, then this one is for you. Catalin Barboianu highlights the mathematical principles and probability and its relation with roulette. This won’t instantly assure you a win just like any other book, but will minimize the risk and help increase the odds. It’s not physics, but in fact detailed.

The mathematical aspects in this book blow away some of the myths in roulette since this has been written from a really unique perspective of a mathematician. He eloborates the calculation of odds and the need of numeracy skills.

John Patrick’s Money Management for Gamblers

This book isn’t for the beginners. If you already have experience with making money out of roulette, then this book will help you master some other skills. Specifically mastering to manage and maintain your bankroll in the game. John Patrick has shared with us some great ideas and therefore makes it worth a read at least.

He explains in-depth how to manage the profits of gambling. It is one of a very few books that shares relevant data on how to divide the pot, manage finance, as well as maintaining the strategy. The main goal of the book is to help you maximize profits and minimize your losses. Pretty straight forward.

Christopher Pawlicki – Get the Edge at Roulette

After having money management sorted and mastered the probability and progressive betting systems, does it equal to winning the game? No. So how do you increase your chances further? It’s gotta be Pawlicki’s excellence. Now that the above books walked us through some important aspects, this one takes you to the physical construction of the tables. It helps you spot the best table. This book revolves around the ideas to defeat the house edge, basically.

You can’t instantly apply his tactics. It requires you to have hours of practice before you put his ideas into action.

Conclusion: Above are the summaries of the best roulette books. The best part about them is that each serves its own purpose, so if you are looking to dive into the roulette world then might as well end up reading all of them! » For Dummies » The Best Roulette Books
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