Roulette At Home

I’ll expand this article more in the future with some awesome videos and so on – but I get a lot of questions about having your own roulette game at home. Please note that there may be rules and regulations based on what state, province or country you are in and you’re most likely not able to actually offer real money gambling – so yeah, be careful with that.

Let’s quickly cover everything you need so you can spice up your home poker game with some actual roulette action:

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How To Build A Roulette Table:

  1. Buy the Roulette Wheel Separately. Also buy the Roulette betting wheel separate too. No point making these as they are easily available.
  2. Get a roulette layout that will fit perfectly on your table. You can get custom roulette layouts at this website
  3. Attach the roulette layout to the table. It is very easy to do you can just use a staple gun to attach it, that way you can take it out whenever you need to.
  4. Attach the roulette wheel directly beside the layout. Simply glue it onto the table or if there is screws attached use that.
  5. Use a level to check that the table is perfectly balanced. When it comes to roulette you need a perfectly balanced table.

And congrats – now you are have your very own roulette table. Now you just have to learn how to be the perfect croupier.

How To Deal Roulette:

Roulette is a very simple game to deal. The hardest part is just keeping track of all the bets.

You allow people to place bets on the table, on the roulette betting layout. You then put the ball into the wheel and allow it to spin. When the ball is about three circles away from ending its spin, you loudly declare “No More Bets”.

At this point no-one else can bet, and then you wait until the ball lands in a slot and you pay out based on that number.

Here are the standard payouts:

Red/Black: 1-1
Even/Odd: 1-1
High Or Low: 1-1
Dozens: 2-1
Columns: 2-1
Straight-Up: 35-1
Split: 17-1
Street: 11-1
Trio: 11-1
Corner: 8-1
Five Number: 6-1
Six Line: 5-1

You take the chips away of the losers, and put the winners chips on top of their existing chips.

Where To Buy Roulette Chips:

You can buy any sort of casino chip anywhere. Walmart is a really good place for example, or Amazon.

What you want however are good chips that stand up to a beating as they will be handled often in Roulette.

What you should be looking for is 5 gram plastic poker chips. They will serve you very well.

In the past, I used the website to purchase chips. However it looks like they don’t carry 5 gram chips anymore and everything they offer is clay.

Best bet for roulette wheels, chips etc is to head on over to Clicking that link will launch Amazon with the search already completed for you. » For Dummies » Roulette At Home
#1 Roulette Casino for Americans
4 Roulette games, Table Mania Tuesdays!