How To Win At Roulette

Ah yes – the question I get asked often: “How do I win at Roulette?”

Its simple really; guess where the ball is going to land next and bet in the appropriate place, bet correctly, win money, repeat, end of story right?

Well sort of.

Like any casino game – the house has an edge. You can’t get around that. Long-term, you’re going to lose. That’s just the way the casino is. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always lose – it just means long-term you will.

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What you want to do is first of all – go with a betting system. We have a large variety of them in our strategy section. See – one of the biggest ways you can lose at Roulette is by betting with “emotion” or betting with “feeling”. Stick to a betting system because while they won’t guarantee you as a winner, they’ll help keep you in check.

Once you find a strategy that works for you, where do you go from there? How do you maximize your profits and minimize your losses at Roulette? At Play Roulette we not only want to help you understand and win big on Roulette, we want you to walk away with a bunch of cash.

The best way to do that is to understand bankroll management and knowing when to stop your Roulette session, before you get into trouble. Roulette is a game of luck, and with luck comes streaks, winning and losing streaks. So it might seem appealing to keep pushing that winning streak into serious cash, you have to realize that all good things come to an end and Roulette is no different.

Here are a few tips on bankroll management that might help you, they have helped me over the years, each has its pros and cons and may work differently depending on the player, but the key to making a ton of money at Roulette all boils down to the main concept, keeping cash in your wallet not the casinos:

Set a Limit:

By setting a limit you don’t want to go under lets say $100, then you know if it’s a bad day the worst you will do is lose $100. It’s a great way to stay on top of your budget, but sometimes by setting a limit, you might reach your limit before you go on a hot streak. Win or lose, if its going to be a bad day at the table, which like it or not is inevitable, it’s a lot easier to tell the wifey or significant other that all you lost was $100, not the mortgage payment

Play with winnings:

Once you get on a roll and build up a sizable amount of winnings, stand up from table and take what you initially put down out of your pile, that way you’re playing from that point on with the casinos money.

Play Smart:

If you have bet 5 times in a row on black or another even money bet and have won 5 times in a row, assess the situation, if you stay here for three hours is it going to hit black every time for those three hours? No it won’t but deciding when to stand up, essentially ending your hot streak before it’s over is a hard thing to do and either will save you a fortune or depending if you stay around to watch the next couple spins for free, cost you a fortune.

Don’t Play Angry:

If you lose a few bets in a row, it might be tempting to bet a large amount on the next spin to try to win back your previous loses. If you hit your number or color and do win big, then all is grand, but if you don’t, have you dug yourself a hole you cant climb out of?

Have Fun:

What’s the point of playing Roulette if your not going to enjoy yourself while doing it? Roulette can be very enjoyable and exciting, just remember, that Roulette doesn’t care if Christmas is around the corner, or its your anniversary this weekend, all he cares about is being fed and he’s on a strict diet of roulette chips and human souls!!

Play with Bonuses:

Playing with online casino bonuses is a great way to start off playing Roulette online – because you’re playing with the houses money. Check out our casino review section, with all reviews from a Roulette perspective, for more on that.

How To Beat Roulette:

You can’t beat a Roulette table, unless you steal money from it” – Albert Einstein

Is it possible to beat Roulette?

Many people believe the key to beating Roulette on a consistent basis starts with using a betting system or strategy, like the Martingale or D’Alembert. With our expertise at Play Roulette I can tell you that NO betting system or strategy works.

Albert Einstein couldn’t figure out a way but what did he know; its not like he was a genius or anything. The only people that win constantly at Roulette are and will always be the casinos themselves. Casinos aren’t rich because people can beat them regularly, they’re rich because all casino games are designed so that the player loses more often then they win.

But with that being said there are variations of Roulette that give the player better odds of winning or that lowers the house edge just enough in favor of the player so that, while still the odds are against you, it will be less and could mean the difference between a good day at the tables or a terrible one.

Beating The Roulette House Edge

The first thing to understand is the House Edge. In theory Roulette should always have a winner after each roll because the ball will land on a black or red, even or odd or high or low number every time and the casino would lose too much money if that were the case, so that is why there are zeros added to the wheel.

Some games have a single zero and others have both single and double zeros. United States rules use both zeros and have a house edge of 5.26%, European rules have a single zero so the house edge drops down to 2.7%.

Even a first time player should be able to tell which game to play, the house edge is doubled in the casinos favor in the American Roulette version. In addition to the number of zeros in the two versions, European Roulette also has a few quirks when the ball lands in the zero.

When the ball lands in zero you have two options the first is “en prison” rule, where if you bet on a even money bet, black or red for example, and the ball lands on zero the player has the option of imprisoning the bet with hopes of winning on the next spin, if you win on the next spin your bet gets released back to the player. The second option is “la partage” where if you bet on an even money bet and the ball lands in zero you lose half of your bet and continue playing as normal.

We strongly advise against playing American Roulette due to the house edge difference and in European Roulette even if the ball does land on the zero, you still have a second chance to win, thanks to the “en prison” rule.

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You can also place a bet on any sporting event imaginable. They also offer both versions of Roulette, but as we said, try and stay away from the double zero US version and hit up the European Roulette at Bovada Casino

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