Inside Bets vs Outside Bets: What is Better?

The choice many wagers face when playing in a real casino is whether to opt for an inside bet and hope for a huge win but with a slim chance of success, or go for an outside bet which has higher odds of winning but with a comparatively smaller return.

Before delving into the inside bet vs. outside bet any further, it is crucial to clarify what the two are:

Inside Bet- Inside bets refer to bets on the inner side of the table. When you choose to bet on a single number, then that is undoubtedly an inside bet. Inside bets are lucrative if you win- the returns are much higher when compared with outside bets, but the chances of winning are much slimmer. This type of bet is a favorite of people who love taking risks or those who simply want to experience the joy of a generous return on a marginal or much lower original stake.

Outside Bets- There is a range of outside bets available for wagers, and they include Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36, Red or Black. Each of these bets offers a marginal but considerable return and has a fifty percent likelihood of winning minus the house edge. (House Edge refers to the advantage that each casino has with each type of bet. For example, on American Roulette, the House Edge is 5.26 on virtually all kinds of bets. On European Roulette, the House Edge is much lower than the American Roulette.) If you intend to bet several times, it is wise to opt for outside bets as they’ll enable you to win more frequently as opposed to inside bet options.

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Further Explanation

Outside bets, as already explained, are where you can bet on red, black, even or odd, and just any of the column bets. They rely on a very simple idea- that is, if you put your chips on the outside bet labeled ‘evens,’ then you’ll win if any even number shows up on the spin. Column bets happen to be a bit more specialized, but, thankfully, they are sufficiently explained along the table as well as on signs that encompass the table.

Inside bets are the most specific- a fact that makes them very difficult to win, but the highest payers.

A straight inside bet is when a wager puts his chips on a particular number to win. The winning odds are stacked against the wager, and that is why inside bets wagers can rake a generous win if they do win. Should you want to increase your likelihood of winning, then opt for a row bet. A row bet is when a wager puts his chips along the outer row of three numbers and then wins if any of those numbers shows up. A row bet isn’t as lucrative as a straight bet- but it pays more than an ordinary outside bet.

The quad bet happens when a wager places his chips on a corner that serves as the meeting point of four squares, meaning that the wager will be wagering on all of the four numbers.

Wagers also have the option of placing a split bet- a split bet is a bet put placed on two numbers at a go by placing the chips on the boundary that divides the two numbered squares. The split and quad bets are very popular bets in roulette, especially among wagers who wish to take their chances with inside betting.

Combining the Bets

It is a foregone conclusion that outside bets happen to be very easy to place, win, and understand. Therefore, outside bets can offer you a nice way to practice a few tips before fully embarking on using the more difficult inside bets. Perhaps the best way to increase your winning odds with an outside wager is to place many of them in a go. For example, you can choose to bet on red and even at a go, thus, increasing the likelihood of winning using at least any of the bets. And you can win both of the bets to get a bigger payout.

Thankfully, nothing compels you to confine yourself to a combination of outside bets as you can also combine outside bets with an inner one. If you choose to combine an inside bet with an outside one, you might end up getting a very huge payout. And, if you do lose an inside bet, then the outside will recoup your losses in case it succeeds. » For Dummies » Inside Bets vs Outside Bets: What is Better?
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