Best Casinos to Play Roulette in Las Vegas

A tour of Las Vegas is not complete without visiting its famous, out of the world casinos. Infact, the major attraction of Las Vegas is the grand casinos that offer exciting games and enchanting shows. While in LA, how can anyone pass a golden opportunity to play the popular game on the casino floor, the roulette? Here are our top three casinos in LA for playing roulette.

1. The Mirage

With more than 3000 thousand rooms, this Polynesian themed resort and casino is probably the most famous in Las Vegas. Table games like roulette are the most popular games in the resort and the floor is always packed with guests.

Here, you can play double zero (American) and European. The minimum bet required to play is $25 and the maximum goes up to $20000. The floor owns two live wheels and currently the house edge is placed 2.70% for the American roulette and 1.35 for the European one. The Mirage also allows the advantage of ‘en prison’ in which a player is allowed to get half of the bet if zero turns up.

In the Mirage, the two tables offering the two different games has differently colored chips and the value of the chip is decided at the time of buy.

2. Golden Gate

Situated on the famous Fremont Street, Golden Gate is one of the smallest and yet the oldest casinos in town. One of the biggest attraction on its relatively small floor is the riverboat roulette, one of the new variants of the classic roulette. The riverboat made its debut in 2012 and was considered one of the top new tables games of 2013. It made the debut in Golden Gate in 2014.

How is the riverboat different?

Riverboat is similar to the classic roulette in the basic game but the difference is that it provides color coded side bets. For example, your number matches a color of your choosing, you win the bet. The catch is that you can choose any color except white and unfortunately if your number matches white, you lose. What if you hit any other color? Good news is that the game will not stop, it is simply ‘pushed’ to the next game. You can keep playing till you hit your color.


The Tropicana has an amazing 50,000-square-foot gaming floor. The roulette here may seem like a traditional one with a dealer at the wheel to spin the ball. But, interestingly, Tropicana has introduced a technological twist which makes it more exciting. There are no physical chips on the table and a touch screen acts as the betting place. This is known as the I-Table roulette and Tropicana has the pride of introducing it first in the tri-state area.

All three of these casinos offer amazing gaming experience. If you prefer the classic roulette games, both American and European, with the advantages of ‘en prison’, then the Mirage is perfect for you.

Golden Gate casino is packed with history going back to the early 1900’s. Though old and small, it boasts of one of the new and ‘colorful’ game, riverboat. If you are up to putting some side bets, take a trip to Golden Gate and enjoy their famous shrimp cocktail while making some winning moves on the roulette table.

And, if you are an avid gamer who seek the thrill of technology, Tropicana’s I-Table roulette would be a perfect game for you to make some money.

You may win or lose playing roulette in these famous Las Vegas casinos but, the astounding experience of merely being there will blow your mind away. » Live » Best Casinos to Play Roulette in Las Vegas
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