Roulette in Arkansas

Arkansas has two main cities that keep it distinct and alive. These are Fayetteville and Little rock. Little Rock is a blustering community of progressive individuals in what is generally known as a conservative Southern state. Fayetteville is equally as intriguing. As a major college town, with the University of Arkansas right in its center, Fayetteville is the premiere destination for those who want to stick local but pursue a viable and fantastic education.
There is a third city on the radar for many people, and that is Hot Springs. Hot Springs is home to one of the Mid-South’s best casinos, and a tour-de-force of humble living matched with excess and success. Ultimately, Arkansas is not particularly well known for a breadth of casinos and gaming options. The state has two clear winners. These are the Oaklawn Park Racing and Gaming and the Southland Park Gaming and Racing. Both are aptly titled. Gaming, racing, and serious entertainment can be found with these two gaming excursions in the heart of a state with not a lot to choose from.

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Roulette in Arkansas: Oaklawn Park Racing and Gaming

Oaklawn is incredibly accessible. If Southland is a professional roulette player’s dream house, Oaklawn is the every-working man’s location for horse betting, gaming, and the experience of a more laid-back atmosphere. Oaklawn is located in Hot Springs, which is a nicer smaller alternative to the progressive towns exploding in Arkansas. Oaklawn Park is notable for having just been recently revamped and rebranded. They have nearly doubled their size in this recent upgrading, increasing the game space by over 50%, and bringing in some new wonderful restaurants. Silks Bar and Grill and Pop’s Lounge are both choice selections for experiencing classic Hot Springs food. Yet, it may be the roulette tables that earn the most attention. After the increase in gaming space, the team has made room for even more games. Now, players can indulge in some fast-paced and frenetic roulette games while carrying a drink from one of the aforementioned restaurants. Everything is connected in one large house, and players can jump from the riveting horse racing to the roulette tables. For casual roulette in Arkansas, Oaklawn is the best option. Unfortunately, it may be the only option as of now, for Arkansas remains reserved in their access to top-of-the-line casinos. Thankfully, Hot Springs Park is still the highest rated tourist destination in the state.


Roulette in Arkansas: Southland Park Gaming and Racing

Southland Park is located just on the border of Arkansas and Tennessee. Memphis is one of the most popular destinations for those visiting Tennessee, and is within a short drive of the famous country and rock capital of Nashville. The Southland Park gaming and Racing center is actually considered part of West Memphis. Tourists can skip on over to the west side of the city and cross right into Arkansas. For over 60 years, the facility has promised and delivered on thrilling races and high energy. Their biggest contribution to the world of gaming is their world-famous and highly regarded greyhound racing. They boast one of the most impressive and largest kennels in the country, displaying about 2,000 greyhounds at any given time. Their focus on the higher-end mystique and vivacious appeal of greyhound racing has kept them at an advantage. Both casuals and professionals alike will appreciate the atmosphere. But, it is their dedication to quality gaming and high-stakes approach that attract a lot of attention.

Southland also has plenty to offer in the way of roulette and gaming. They deliver the big three in table gaming. These are craps, blackjack, and, of course, roulette. They also have a host of active poker games going at any one time. It is roulette that is the most thrilling. The mysterious chance factor looms over every spin of the wheel, and the game is a provocative example of winning huge with a little bit of luck and some dedication to the game. There are at least five open tables at any moment, and players can skip along the various gaming machines and active tables while taking a peek in the acclaimed “high stakes room.” Everything there is amplified, fitting the image of professional gaming at a professional level for those who enter.

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