Roulette in McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport is Las Vegas’ very own and is situated nearby the strip, with hotels like Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand being half a mile away. It is accessible either via the interstate 215 Bypass and the Tropicana Boulevard at Paradise Road. While this airport is clean as comfortable as any, the one thing you get here that’s not available anywhere else is opportunity for gambling.

Yes, you heard that right! If you can’t wait to reach your hotel and try out your fortune, you can get started with the slot machines in the airport itself.


You can try your hand at roulette in terminal B of the airport and make big winnings! Even though there are no table games here, you can try your luck in one of the many slots in the area. What’s the reason for not having tables? Well, slots do not require you to hire employees to run the table games, making this option more convenient.

So, if you’re stuck at the airport and have a couple of hours to spare before the flight, take your chance at the 1300 slot machines scattered throughout the terminal.

Offerings and winnings

The slot machines are currently maintained by the South Point Casino/hotel. Even though the payout is less than usual, many people in traveler’s forums say that they have won money in playing the games. In fact, according to the acting manager of public affairs, Chris Jones, two players went home earning $ 259,000 and a $ 392,000 within four days of each other in 2008.

One lucky person won a bounty of $ 3.9 million in the Wheel of Fortune in January 2005. Cashing out is easy; McCarran airport has TITO or ticket in, ticket out system where you get a ticket every time you cash out. There are no machines to turn your ticket for cash, so you might have to go looking for the official attendants for exchange.

Why play roulette on laptop or tablet?

Well, the first and most obvious reason would be that you have time to spare but not much of money. You just can’t afford to throw away cash in gambling. Playing roulette online on your tablet or laptop allows you to gain access to unlimited games without paying a dime. And if you’re in the mood for some fun, don’t forget to bet small amounts for possibly big winnings.

Playing roulette on a laptop is convenient as well because you can pretty much get started anywhere. Besides, in premium casino sites, you even get access to customer support as you need, when you need. So, no question of going around in circles asking for help.

Excited enough?

Gambling can be an excellent pastime if you know how to stay in control. Be it at the airport or in one of Vegas’ prime casinos; you’ll have enough opportunity to test your luck and aim for the big cash out. However, if you’re someone who is just looking for some harmless fun, then laptop roulette is an excellent game as well. » Live » Roulette in McCarran International Airport
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