Roulette in Virginia

Also known as ‘Mother of States’, ‘Old Dominion’ and ‘Mother of Presidents’, the state of Virginia definitely has a lot of well known nicknames. However, to much of our disappointment, the state certainly does not have the land of casinos among its other sobriquets. Strict gambling laws in the state have influentially kept away commercial and tribal casinos out of its land for years now.

There is no lack of gambling fans in Virginia but in the absence of legit casinos functioning within the boundaries; people have got no choice whatsoever in terms of gambling let alone roulette in Virginia. When you talk to the residents of the state, the love to gamble is simply comprehensible with the smile that name brings on their faces. So, even when there are no casinos in the premises of the state, Virginia still seems quite gambling-friendly.

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Let’s find out why you cannot enjoy roulette in Virginia and what laws restrict you from doing so.

Antiquity of Gambling in Virginia:
Virginia has a rich history of gambling whether you speak of the archaeological findings dug in Jamestown revealing antique pieces of game relevant to gambling or of the English ruler Charles II who loved to gamble. Virginia has a history of playing gambling games which is even followed today. Although the governments seem to prevent this game from spreading, the tradition of gambling continues at present, both online and offline.

Local Legit Casinos:
In Virginia, there are no legal casinos operating within the borders. There are players who enjoy online gambling but if anyhow they are prompt to take their gaming experience to a real world, they will have to cross state lines. The neighboring state of West Virginia surely has numerous casino properties for those gambling lovers who prefer bricks-and-mortar casinos rather than playing online. Virginia Internet Casinos offer a good platform for satisfying a lot of gambles apart from the one who need real time experience. In an attempt to attract even more gambling deprived residents of the state, West Virginia is building a luxurious resort casino where any player from Virginia can go without a passport.

Online Gambling in Virginia:
When it comes to offer online gambling experience to the players, the state seems incompetent once again. There are no online casinos located within the premises of the state apart from ‘Colonial Downs’. This is the only platform where the gamblers have freedom to wager on horses. This is the single horse track built for residents to satiate their deprivation for gambling. Online casinos in Virginia too have an age restriction of 21 years for the individual to be able to gamble.

Roulette in Virginia: Colonial Downs:
In the nonexistence of any land-based casino for allowing you to play your most favorite roulette in Virginia, Colonial Downs is considered a godsend in itself. This is a very impressive horse racing track in New Kent, VA which hosts live harness racing and also thoroughbred racing. You are also offered simulcasting for efficient betting by this online casino. The track is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 PM and also on weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays on 12 PM.

With two infield ponds, the casino covers a huge total ground of 607.4 acres. A 127, 000 square feet of grandstand is competent enough to hold 10,000 people at a time. The casino is well-structured and nicely built with 95 wagering stations and simulcast theaters for impressing all the casino lovers.

The dirt track of the property is 1.25 miles which is the second biggest track after Belmont Park. It has a 1,290.5 feet long homestretch and 1,349.5 feet chute that are so enormous so as to accommodate one-turn 1 and 1/8 mile races. The construction of multi-season turf mixture incorporated in the track makes the surface so great that it efficiently permits spring and summer races without any difficulty. It effectively countenances harness and thoroughbred racing. The diret track has a banking degree of 4.5 whereas the turf track features a banking degree of 5.5.

Colonial Downs is widely popular because of its Secretariat Turf Course which is 180’ wide and is the widest in the nation at present. Eight different rail settings which allow it to card most of the races on this turf can also handle maximum of 14 starters per day. » Live » Roulette in Virginia
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