Bet On Black Betting System

The Bet on Black betting system is a betting system that you can use when playing roulette. It is also one of the betting systems that is exactly as its name would suggest – it involves the player betting in black. While betting systems such as the Martingale betting system or the Labouchere betting system give nothing away from their names, the Bet on Black betting system is nice and simple, and therefore perfect for the novice roulette player.
As with many roulette betting systems, the Bet on Black betting system is a progressive betting systems in which you will increase your bets after each losing spin of the roulette wheel. In this respect, it is the same as the Martingale betting system. What sets the Bet on Black system apart from some of its other progressive counterparts is that the amount wagered after each losing bet goes up in more of a gradual incline than it would using a ‘doubling’ betting system such as the Martingale betting system.

To begin, as with all betting systems, you must define your bankroll, or how much you are willing to risk in this one session at the roulette table. This will help you establish a limit, so you know when to stop should you go on a bad run. Without these limits, players may tend to chase loses and wager money they may not be comfortable losing. Sound bankroll management is a fundamental when starting out using betting systems, especially when playing roulette as the swings can be quite volatile. For this example, we will use a bankroll of $100. We then need to define how much one unit is, as this is how much our bets will increase by every time our bet is a loser. To work this out, we divide our bankroll by 100, as sound bankroll management dictates you should have a minimum of 100 units to play with in any one session. Having a bankroll this size allows you to manage short-terms swings, as well as being big enough to give you a good session at the table – there is nothing worse when gambling when you lose your bankroll after five minutes, which is possible as games of roulette come in rapid-fire succession.

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With a bankroll established, you can work out your progressive betting pattern. When using the Bet on Black betting system, you should follow the following progression:

1 unit, 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, 5 units, 6 units, 8 units, 10 units

Your progression should end at this point, as the amount you may end up betting could start to become ridiculous, especially for a novice bettor.
The idea now is simple – bet on black, as the name of the betting system suggests. The rules are then simple – you move up the progression after two loses, and you move down the progression after two wins. So, our first bet on black is a loser. We lose 1 unit, and we stay with a 1 unit bet. If that bet loses, we then move to 2 units. If that bet wins, we stick on the 2 unit bet, because we need two winning bets in a row to move down. In this progression, we have lost 2 units on our first 2 bets, and then won 2 units on our third bet, so we’ve broken even, and we will either be up 2 units or down 2 units depending on the outcome of our next bet.

The idea behind the Bet on Black betting system is simple – even after a losing run, black will eventually have to come up, meaning you will make your money back eventually. This, of course, is not true – numbers or colors do not have to come up, they are no due to hit; this is Gambler’s Fallacy at work. If you are familiar with betting systems, especially roulette betting systems, you will be familiar with this idea, and you will know that it is not true. The fact is, each spin of the roulette wheel is independent of any previous spin, and a number or a color can, in theory, land several times in a row, and will still have the same chance of coming out on the next spin. So, if ten spins in a row have come out black, there is still approximately a 50% chance of black coming out on the next spin – red is not due to come out, its chance of coming out is still exactly the same as black’s.

So, the basics of the Bet on Black betting system are simple: always bet on black, stick to the pattern (two losses, then move up to the next increment, or two wins and move down one), and never bet more than 10 units.

It can be a bit of a boring system, but it is perfect for the beginner, or a player who is looking to have an interest at the roulette table without having to put too much thought into what they are doing. You must always remember that betting systems are not going to make you a millionaire (unless you get extremely lucky), and they should only really be used to enhance your betting experience. The house always has the edge, and roulette betting systems are not going to beat them. However, using a betting system when playing roulette can add some fun and variety to the time you spend playing, which is, ultimately, the most important thing. » Strategy » Bet On Black Betting System
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