Grand Martingale Betting System

Known by many as the “Double Up System”, the martingale betting system is the most popular betting system at not just roulette, but practically at any casino game. Hell even outside casinos – you’ll see people adopt the martingale system to sports betting and even poker tournaments.

Put simply: The Martingale Betting System is increasing your bets when you lose, by doubling it. You also keep exactly the same bet as previous under the Gamblers Fallacy of “Hey, it’s got to win eventually right?”.

However you don’t do the Martingale Betting System on just any bets – you want something as close as possible to even money. In Roulette, that applies to bets like black, red, even or odd. There are a few others but that simplifies it for you.

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As I said – the Martingale system is increasing your bet when you lose. Bet $1 on Black and it comes up red – so you bet $2 on Black. Then $4 on Black. And so on and so forth until you win one, then you switch back to $1 again. It’s a very scary system that while in the short-term may seem ingenious, all it takes is 7 losses in a row to be betting $128 to win simply $1. Yikes.

But that’s the Martingale – what about the Grand Martingale? How exactly does that differ from the Martingale System?

The difference is that every time you place a bet and it loses you add MORE money on to attempt to win. If your initial bet is $1, then you add $1 increments.

So you bet $1, and it loses. With the Martingale, you would bet $2. With the Grand Martingale, you add $1 on top of that so it is a $3 bet you are placing. The idea is it’s a much more aggressive betting system which leads to the chances of winning more money when your bet pays off – but yeah, it’s a lot more riskier!

There are two ways you can play it:

Grand Martingale Betting System #1:

This one is the least aggressive where you stay in line with the actual Martingale system.

Martingale system would be – assuming 6 losses in a row: $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32 in bets.

Using this variation of the Grand Martingale Betting System, you simply add $1 to each of those while staying in the constraints of the actual Martingale Betting System.

So, again assuming 6 losses in a row (no luck of the irish in you!) you would add $1 to each of those, so your bets are $1, $3, $5, $9, $17, $33.

That may seem simply confusing but it’s a case of just trying to keep along with the Martingale double up betting system, except adding $1 each time.

A lot less scarier than:

Grand Martingale Betting System #2:

This is one even I wouldn’t attempt – although the adrenaline rush it would bring is quite something, and I tried it with play money chips at Classy Coin Casino. I went on a nice run actually and it was cool seeing my chips go up and up – but yeah, the idea of doing it with real money has my heart racing.

So back to Martingale system and the 6 losses in a row. As a reminder, it would be $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32 in bets.

With this variation, you add $1 THEN double it upon a loss.

So you bet $1. Loss. You would bet $2 for the Martingale, then $1 for the Grand Martingale for a total of $3. Loss. Now what? Unlike variant #1 – you double what you just bet, then add $1. So in this case you lost $3, so you bet $6….plus another $1!

The betting increments would go like this:

$1, $3, $7, $15, $31, $63.

As you can see, you’re risking more money a lot faster. With the Martingale after 6 bets you’re at $32, with variation #1 you’re at $33, but with this bad boy you’re at $63 already after 6 bets. Yikes.

If you’re looking for a great adrenaline rush, and you have money to burn – then hell yeah, go with this betting system. I actually did recommend it to one of my friends – he was going to Vegas, is rich as hell, said he didn’t care about money and wanted to “look like a balla” while also generating some sort of rush at the table.

Understandable – if you’re super rich and money isn’t a factor, then it’s hard to get excited at Roulette other than betting big increments.

That’s why I recommended the Grand Martingale Betting System to him – and he loved it. He said it was quite easy to keep track, and it was a blast to use.

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