Black Snake Roulette Betting System

The drama and the excitement that builds when the ball bounces from one slot to the other are totally unmatched. The roulette is indeed the most exciting game in the casino. A spin and a bounce could be enough to change fortunes. There could be huge amounts of money involved. Some people apply maths while others bank on their luck to win this game. Various gambling bets, like the black or red snake bet, are popular ways of setting chips on the roulette table.

What is the Black snake roulette?
There are 36 numbers in roulette and they are divided into 18 numbers each, for both black and red colors. Black snake roulette can be played online and in the land-based casinos. Though the red snake bet is a popular outside bet, the Black Snake roulette is a very interesting method of betting. In this method, betting is done on twelve different black numbers that form the shape of a snake. This bet is balanced by placing the even odds bet on the opposite color from that of the snake. This complements the single number bets with even money bet.

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The method:
If we bet a full black snake, it means the bet is on 24 numbers.

Here are the possibilities:
· If in case a number comes other than these 24 numbers, we lose all the 24 chips. The chance of this outcome is 6/37= 16%
· If the ball lands on a ‘0’, and the *’En prison’ rule is in effect, the players have 18/27 chance to regain their 12 red numbers in the next spin. Here the player gets an opportunity to do away with half the losses. So, there is a 48. 6% of this probability after a spin of zero.
En prison rule – In this method, the player can imprison his bet for the next round when the ball lands on a zero. This way the player gets a chance to recover his losses in the next round.
· If the ball lands on a red number, 12 chips are lost and 12 are won. So there is a no-win no-loss situation. The probability of this occurrence is 48.6%.
· And, if any of the numbers of the snake hit, we lose 23 chips, but we gain 35 chips for a total gain of 12 chips. The chances here are 32.4%.

So analyzing the above probabilities, it can be safely said that the chances of winning are 33%. But the chances of not losing are 80%. The expected profit is -0.5 chips per bet. And, the house edge is 2 %.

The ‘risky’ bet:
In the black snake roulette, the player can bet on just the black snake, the combination of 12 numbers of the black boxes, without betting against it on the even money bet on the other color. So the player would bet on the black snake, but nothing on the red color.

In this risky bet, the odds of winning definitely minimize i.e. 32%.but, so does the chances of losing. The loss comes to 0.32 chips per bet, which is lesser than the regular bet. But an underside to this risky form of snake bet is that it increases the speed with which the losses incur, thereby reducing playtime and bankroll.

A snake bet is basically one of the combinations of a Dozen bet. It is also called the sucker bet, but it is basically a method of betting on 12 numbers. But this method of placing bets on the board is a unique idea that draws the attention of other players due to the striking snake shape. So if you want to bet on 12 numbers, the Black snake roulette pattern can be followed.

But, this method of betting requires a large bankroll. The player has to bet on 12 numbers at least, in every turn. This way, if he is on a losing spree, the chances of him losing the money too fast, is very high.

Outside bets help in maintaining and conserving the bankroll. Therefore, the player can play for longer periods and the chances of winning the outside bet are always higher than the chance of winning an inside bet. A lot of new players make these outside bets as they seem exciting, and add thrill to the game. The black snake roulette betting is often embraced by the professional players as their main betting strategies. » Strategy » Black Snake Roulette Betting System
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