Red Snake Roulette Betting System

The process of choosing which numbers you’ll bet on when playing roulette can be tough to figure out. You might have your own favorite numbers but at the same time you might also have a need to choose particular options based on their positions on the table or where they are on the wheel.

One particular consideration to use entails red snake roulette betting. This is a particularly unique option that uses a snake-like arrangement for where you’re going to place your chips. It is an appealing option for your betting use but you should know that it’s no guarantee that you’ll actually win something.

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How Is It Arranged?

The red snake is organized in that you will use a zig-zag pattern for your chips. In particular, you will create a snake-like arrangement that covers a series of red numbers. This goes with one red number on a far corner, a red number in the middle and then two on the opposite end before doing the same the other way around. This covers more numbers and manages more spots on the wheel.

What Numbers Are Used?

The red snake roulette betting pattern starts at 1 and goes all the way to 34. It uses four diagonal lines with a series of red numbers connecting them all. Three numbers are adjacent to each other on the rows as well.

The numbers used in this betting pattern are 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34. These are all red numbers. Overall, you are using twelve numbers in this pattern.

As you can notice, this bet focuses on straight-up totals. It does not use any corner totals or other bets that cover more numbers on a chip although you have the option to add them if you want.

A great part of these numbers is that they cover a variety of spots all around the entire betting wheel. This makes it to where there is a chance your number will come up no matter how the ball travels.

What Are the Odds?

When using only the twelve numbers listed in the red snake roulette pattern, your probability of winning will be a little less than a third. On a European roulette table, your probability of winning will be 32.43%. For an American table, that probability goes down to 31.58%. This is obviously due to the green numbers.

What Are the Payouts?

The payout, like with any other straight-up bet, is 35:1. The average payout is 2:1 when you consider how you’re going to use twelve different chips.

You will have a good chance at making a profit off of this betting style but you will be risking a good deal of money on it. This would be perfect in a physical casino where there might be a requirement for you to spend a certain amount of money on a spin but it is different in an online casino where the totals might be lower in value.

What Else Can You Do?

The red snake betting pattern can cover plenty of spots but you have to be careful. This does not cover any black numbers. Therefore, you could just as easily lose on every single number in the event that a black number comes up.

You can always consider adding bets to your red snake line like corner bets that cover a few black numbers to go with the twelve straight-up bets you have. The bets you use should be right next door to one another though so the red snake numbers will be covered in some way by every chip you use.

The most important thing to do is to avoid being overly cocky with it. You might get on a winning streak but it can easily end rather quickly. You should set limits as to what you will win or lose in a typical roulette session. This sounds like a basic rule of thumb but it can really make a difference if you are careful enough and you think about how you’re going to spend your money on this game.

Be careful when you are using the red snake roulette betting option. This can cover up enough spots to give you a better chance at a good win total but that does not mean it’s guaranteed that you will win something. » Strategy » Red Snake Roulette Betting System
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