The Flat Betting System

The Flat Betting system is, perhaps, the most commonly used betting system out there. In fact, the chances are that you use it without even acknowledging that it is a betting system. If you are a bettor that never varies how much they risk on a single wager, no matter if they’re winning, losing, happy or sad, you’re using the Flat Betting system. It, of course, gets its name from that fact that the amount risked never fluctuates; if it was a graph, it would be a flat line.

So why use the Flat Betting system? Well, to put it simply, it is safe. There is no need for any outlandish wager of 256 units should you go on a losing streak using the Martingale betting system, or if you go on a winning streak using the Anti-Martingale betting system. You can only ever lose one unit at a time, which for most bettors is the way they like it – low-risk can mean a longer, more enjoyable session for a bettor. So if you have a $200 bankroll to bet, risking $2 a spin is not going to break the bank every time, and at the very worst you can have 100 spins of the roulette wheel should you happen to lose on every single spin (which really would be the worst case scenario).

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Aside from the fact it is a low risk strategy, the Flat Betting system is far more suited to all the various bets around the casino than the ones that rely on a “double your money” idea, such as the Martingale or the Anti-Martingale system. If you are using this system when playing roulette, you can play the numbers, the columns, any of the “call” bets, the dozens, splits, streets, corners, whatever it is that takes your fancy, because your bet is never going to change, regardless of the end result.

So, if we use roulette as our example, we’ll use the trusted method of betting on red or black, and we’ll bet on red, since Red 5 is my number of choice. So, using the Flat Betting system, we start with one unit on red. Unfortunately, it comes up black. In this instance, we lose one unit and we bet one unit again. If this was the Martingale betting system, our next bet would be two units, so you can already see why this is perceived as a safe betting system. Now, on the next spin, it comes up black again. So now we have lost two units. It easy to see how the progression works – if you continue to lose, you don’t do too much harm to your bankroll, as you’re only ever going to bet 1% of it at a time (well, risking 1% of your bankroll per bet is what is recommended). On the flip side of that, you aren’t ever going to increase your bankroll by a considerable amount if you use the Flat Betting system on 50/50 shots. So if you are going to use the Flat Betting system when playing roulette, why not try it when backing numbers? You might only every want to risk one unit on a spin of the wheel, and that might consist of a one unit bet on a number, or it might consist of smaller fractions of a unit on several numbers: maybe one unit to you use $10, so you decide to cover ten numbers at $1 a bet, or that $10 might just go on Red 5 every time. So now, if your bet wins, you win 35-times the bet, instead of the 1:1 of a red or black bet. And if you lose, then it would be just as much damage as the red or black bet, with the potential for a bigger yield. That is not to say that you should use the Flat Betting system only for more speculative wagers, but you have to remember that using a betting system should be for fun, not because you think you are going to become a millionaire due to it – if that was the case, casinos would be out of business a long time ago.

So the Flat Betting system also requires you to stay strong, and not go crazy should you get a big win, or go on a losing streak. Say Red 5 comes up four times out of ten spins and you’ve had a one unit bet on it every time. All of a sudden you have 134 units of profit, which isn’t a bad day’s work. However, you have to fight the desire to up your stakes if you are using the Flat Betting system – this isn’t about riding a hot streak, it is about minimizing risk. And the converse is true. If Red 5 doesn’t come up in ten spins, you do not suddenly up your stake to get your loses back – that’s a sure way to end up in the poor house. So it does require a lot of willpower to stick to it, but it is worth sticking to, especially if you are playing with a limited bankroll. But the good thing about this system is that there is no myths involved in it, no allusion to “Gambler’s Fallacy”, it is proof that each spin or a roulette wheel (or the throw is the dice in craps) is an independent event to every other spin or throw that has preceded it. So if you are at a casino and the man standing next to you with fingernails down to his stumps suddenly puts $2,560 on black and mutters something along the lines of, “It’s DUE to come up, it HAS to come up,” you can feel safe in the knowledge that you know it isn’t due to come up at all, and there is no reason it has to come up – there is as much chance of it coming up black on this next spin as there is of it coming up red. And unless 1% of your bankroll is $2,500, you can also feel safe that you will never have to risk that much on one spin of a roulette wheel to simply win 1 unit of profit!

The Flat Betting System Summarized:

The flat betting system is the most simplest form of betting, and is ideally used when you are first starting to learn a game. If you’re in the Roulette for Dummies phase, then this is the best system to start out at. The Best Online Casino for Beginner Roulette Players is Classy Coin Casino: (Closed down - Americans we recommend WinADay, everyone else we recommend Video Slots), which offers all the basic Roulette games.

The flat betting system is exactly as it sounds: Making flat bets, and never deviating from this. You go up to your preferred casino game with a certain amount of money, divide that money up into amounts of the same value, then bet that amount. No matter how much you win or lose, you never change the amount that you bet.

For example if you bring $500 to the roulette tables and they have a $5 minimum limit bet and that’s the amount you want to bet, then you essentially have 100 “units” to bet with. Each unit is $5.

Whether you bet on red or black, even or odd, 1st 12, the number 16 or the 2nd column the bet amount remains the same – $5. You can go on an awful losing streak or a great winning streak and the amount stays exactly the same – $5.

The Roulette Flat Betting System may seem boring however it is the best system to use when playing a casino game like Roulette for the first time. It allows you to focus on just understanding the rules, the payouts and the odds, and doesn’t offer any distractions.

Once you have fully understood the game of Roulette, we do recommend advancing to other Roulette Betting Systems, with the Base Two Roulette Betting System being a great first step into the world of Roulette Betting Systems. » Strategy » The Flat Betting System
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