The Roulette Sleeper System

It is true that every time you gamble, you risk losing your money. However, it is also true that a calculated risk can earn you a good amount of cash. The sleeper system is one way to guarantee a win on the casino table, but many people have shoved it aside based on the work the process entails. Well, if it were that easy, then we’d all be millionaires.

The sleeper system is a traditional roulette method used in casinos to predict the possible outcome for upcoming spins; here’s how it works. You have to be attentive and notice the numbers that the roulette ball lands on for the first hundred or more spins. After that, go through the numbers and take note of the numbers that the ball did not fall on.

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Now all that is left is for you to bet progressively on these numbers until they win. Let’s simplify it further, an easier way to monitor the ball is playing the Dozens; this means 1 through 12, 13 through 24, 25 through 36. Most roulette wheels have 36 pockets although the American one has 38. These intervals make it very easy to note the numbers missed by the ball as opposed to random throws that might result in confusion.

Still, you need to settle on a consecutive number of spins that will act as an anchor when making a decision on the numbers you will use to place your bet. By this I mean, if you pick seven consecutive spins, then the numbers that the ball did not land on are the ones you should bet on progressively. However, make sure that the number of spins you settle for remains constant whether the spins are random or when using the dozens.

There is also a problem associated with picking a small number of spins. You can make 20 or more spins of the roulette wheel, and a dozen will sleep through most of them. If you had placed your bet after five spins, then you will need to have enough money to support the remaining 15-plus bets to at least guarantee a win.

This method has proved cumbersome at times because some people end up finishing their stake before winning something. Nonetheless, you can use automation to let the dozen sleep for 20 or more spins of the roulette wheel before you start betting. This technique is efficient and will surely put some money back into your pocket after the evaluation and risk taking.
However, it has a downside; the wins are a little slower. Still, I bet that is something that you will care less about especially if you are winning. Out of all the spins taken, let’s say 38, every number should come up at least once. Due to this, it is important to take note of these numbers from the moment the croupier spins the ball.

While using the sleeper system, you also need to look out for biased wheels. Some casinos have biased roulette wheels that have a tendency of popping up a certain number consistently. While some numbers might come up more than others even after 500 spins, a good table should evenly distribute the numbers that the ball lands on or at least appear not to be biased on a single number.

Imperfect manufacturing or bad bearing can be the causes of biased roulette wheels so before you start playing sleeper system roulette ensure that the table is up to date. However, a wheel might appear to be biased when it isn’t, and this is why we encourage sleeper system fanatics to always record the number of spins through some days on a particular table to be sure of the numbers that they will reward with their stake.

However, do not rely on the wheel’s biased nature to win some money as it can be replaced the minute it is reported. Your attention should solely rest on recording the numbers that do not pop up after some spins and progressively betting on them as the game develops. In a sequence of over 100 spins, 2-6 numbers are sure not to have come up, bet one chip on each number.

If that number does not come up in the next 34 spins, double the bet for the next 17, if it still doesn’t come up, triple it for the next 12, and quadruple it for the next nine spins. If it still doesn’t show up, then bet five ships on the next seven spins; very few sleeper numbers fail to come up after 187 spins. » Strategy » The Roulette Sleeper System
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