Identifying a Roulette Dealer Signature

There`re many different ways of trying to attack live roulette games so that you can gain an advantage, and one of them is through identifying and exploiting something known as roulette dealer signature.

A dealers signature refers to the unconscious habit that`s exhibited by some of the roulette dealers of spinning the ball in a manner that`s consistent.

If the dealer spins the ball with the same velocity every time, it will travel approximately the same distance before it finally drops into a pocket. If the wheel is also spinning at a speed that is consistent, then noting the pocket that`s passing under the hand of the dealer as he/she releases the ball should enable you to predict the wheel area where the ball most likely fall, so that you can bet on the numbers in that area.

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How A Dealer Signature Can Help You

You do not have to correctly predict a winning number so that you can have an advantage. If you`re able to determine the area of the wheel where the ball will fall, you can place the odds of the game in your favor. Let us look at this idea closely.…

Winners are paid 35 to 1 (at times expressed as 36 to 1 since the winner keeps the winning bet). If you are able to identify a dealer`s pattern, every time a ball is released, you can calculate and bet 1 dollar on a target number and the 4 numbers on both sides.

If you`re right just 1/3 of the time, meaning 1 out of 3 spins hits 1 of your 9 numbers? For every 3 spins, you would win 27 dollars once (35 dollars payout minus the 8 losers) and lose 9 dollars two times. If you subtract the 2 losing spins (18 dollars) from the 1 winning (27 dollars), you will note that you would make a 9 dollar profit for every 3 spins.

Taking Advantage of a Dealer Signature In A Live Situation

Find a suitable roulette wheel diagram, download and print the chosen image. Roulette diagrams that you may write on are at times also available from the gaming companies or printed on coasters at casinos. You require this so that you can pick out and bet quickly on the numbers that are close to your target number; it is time-consuming and nauseating to try to successfully do this from watching the spinning wheel.

You now need to answer the following 3 questions before beginning:

1. Is the ball is spun at a consistent speed by the dealer?

2. Is the speed of the wheel consistent?

3. How many pockets from the point the ball is released is it likely to fall?

To answer the 1st question, watch the dealer to see if there is a relationship between where he/she releases a ball and where it will fall. For instance, if the wheel is a clock and he/she always releases the ball at three o’clock, does it fall 50% of the time between- nine and twelve o’clock?

This would be a noteworthy pattern since by random chance the ball is supposed to fall in any quarter of the wheel 1/4 of the time. If there`s no pattern, you should try another dealer.

It`s easier to answer the 2nd question. Count the number of wheel revolutions for 1 minute. Repeat this several times over fifteen minutes so that you can determine if the wheel`s speed is consistent. You may also note the velocity of the wheel at the time of the signature test above, and only place your bet when the dealer spins the wheel at that velocity.

To answer the 3rd question, you should count the number of spaces clockwise between the point where the dealer normally releases the ball and the center of the wheel area where it usually falls. In the above example, this would be twenty four spaces (3:00 – 10:30).

Now that you know that a ball has a better than normal chance of landing in a wheel area that is twenty-four spaces (clockwise) from where it`s released. To identify your “target number” for every spin you will watch the wheel so that you can see the number that`s just below the dealer`s hand when they release the ball.

You`ve to be fast: you may have as little as 10 seconds to determine your target number and find your other roulette bets. To complicate everything, the numbers on the table are arranged differently than on the spinning wheel.

Success in identifying a roulette dealer signature depends on whether you are able to correctly identify the dealer signature and then move fast enough to exploit it. The more spins of the wheel you watch, the more likely it is real, but any of the following may easily interrupt your plans:

•Ball is changed and you`ve to begin again

•Dealer leaves just as you identify his/her signature

•Pit boss changes the dealers

•Signature changes with a dealer`s mood

Then again, maybe you will find a half asleep, bored dealer who`s so consistent in his/her spins that you may be able to pocket some serious money before any of the above things interrupt your plans. » Strategy » Identifying a Roulette Dealer Signature
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