The Shotwell System

The Shotwell System was introduced in the Gambling Times Magazine in the year 1978, and since then, it has been quite an essential part of roulette games across the globe. The system aims at providing players with an opportunity to minimize the odds, giving them one chance in four to beat them by covering as many numbers on the wheel as possible. The underlying idea is to wager a relatively low number of units, and the best part is that wherever the ball stops on the wheel, the covered numbers are in close proximity. They are required to bet one unit on a six number bet, while spending four more on a straight up bet on numbers that are placed quite close.

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How The Shotwell System Works

The Shotwell system involves using one out of seven betting number combinations stated below and was specially crafted for being used during American or 00 Roulette. Each of the number combination comprises of 6 six-line bets and 4 straight ups.

Heading to the details, the seven betting combinations include six line 1 – 6 wherein 20, 26, 8 and 10 are the straight ups; six line 4 – 9 with 13, 14, 15 and 10 as the straight ups; six line 10 – 15 with 16, 17, 18, 28 as the straight ups; six line 13 – 18 with 11, 12, 27, 28 as the straight ups; six line 19 – 24 with 1, 2, 4, 26; six line 28 – 33 with 00, 22, 24; and lastly six line 31 – 36 with 0, 00, 29, 30 as the straight ups.

The player is required to place on chip on each of the six lines and straight ups. And they can’t change their bets when they win or lose. What’s incredible is that each of these combinations include every 4th number on the spinning wheel, thereby building amazing 25% chances of winning on a spin.

With every winning, the system calls for the player to chip up. According to the Shotwell system, if there’s a win on either the six line or one of the straight ups, then the player must increase their betting units by one.

The chances of winner in every spin are 15.78% as each six line comes with odds of 5 – 1. In other words, if a player hits one of the six line numbers, they are rewarded by five betting units or $25 along with the initial unit on the six line, thereby generating an additional profit of one unit. i.e. $5.

On the other hand, a straight up win comes with odds of 35 – 1, with 2.63% chances of getting a straight up when going for a game of American roulette. Hitting one of the straight ups right, gets the player a return of 36 units or $180 that also includes the initial bet of $5. But at the same time, the player has to deal with losses, wherein each loss accounts for five units. i.e. $25 with $5 being the betting unit. So, to cover the losses incurred, one i required to consistently hit straight ups and advance in the game.

Lastly, a quick fact to note is that the player is allowed to alternate the layouts of the chips in any order. The reason behind the same is that there is no connection between each of the individual game spins.

What Makes The Shotwell System Popular?

During the last few years, the shotwell system has gained increasing popularity because of its underlying methodology, and a careful observation is all you need to figure out when a player uses it. What makes the system quite popular is the approach to cover certain numbers that are evenly spaced around the spinning wheel. Covering a large area makes the player feel like he has constant chances of winning big. Also, if one keeps a little deal of patience, over time they can earn some great winnings if they place the number combinations with utmost precision.

Why Doesn’t The Shotwell System Work Every Time?

Why the shotwell system isn’t a foolproof idea every single time is that firstly, it can’t ensure solid winnings in the long run as well as the earned winnings can’t make up for the losses incurred quite often. There are times when a player sets a particular amount of money for the game and ends up losing the whole amount due to the implementation of the Shotwell system. Also, the system doesn’t work in case of shifting the house edge of the casino, and thereby, calls for a pre-hand assessment of the casino edge before playing a game of Roulette. » Strategy » The Shotwell System
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