The Reverse Sleeper System

Reverse sleeper system is among the strategies for any even bet. In roulette, you should use it for betting on Red/Black, 1-18/19-36 and Even/Odd. It is a progressive system. In other words, you will increase your bet after meeting particular conditions.
The strategy overview and analysis

There is a reason why gamblers call the system reverse sleeper. The sleeper system advises the gambler to double the bet after every loss. However, the reverse sleeper system advises them to do the opposite of that – to do the bet after every win. Therefore, the gambler has to start by betting the least money possible on an even bet. After that, they should continue with a flat bet until they win. After the first win, they should double the size of their bet for their next spin. If they lose, they shouldstart again with the lowest amount possible.

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The logic of reverse sleeper system has its foundation on the thought that losses and wins always come in streaks. When betting more during the winning streaks and lesser during the losing streaks, the gambler has higher chances of rising to the top in the end. Most people believe that the reverse sleeper system is among the most stable and safest systems in roulette gambling. However, you probably know that not all systems are perfect.
The advantages of the reverse sleeper system

One reason why you should start applying the reverse sleeper system in your roulette gambling is that you can never lose lots of money at once. You will always wager the least amounts for the losing streaks and therefore they will not be a big problem. What’s more, when doubling up your bet, you will be using the roulette casino’s money. In other words, your starting amount will remain the same up to a certain point when you make a big win.

The gambler’s consecutive wins add up very fast, and as a result, he/she increases profits dramatically if the winning streak continues. Considering the simplicity and safety of the reverse sleeper system, it is possibly the most friendly system for beginners in roulette casino.

The drawbacks of roulette reverse sleeper system

If you are planning to use the reverse sleeper system, you should be ready for many losses. In any betting, you have to remember that odds are not in your favor. Every even bet has a 48.6% chance of winning due to the green zero slot. And when playing American roulette, the chances will be even lower because of the two zeros. That means you lose more games – though you will lose a little money on them. After all, the system requires you to wager the least amount possible.

Another big disadvantage of roulette reverse is that it will only take a single loss during the winning streak to wipe away your entire profits. When using the system, the gambler must know the right time to stop. Unfortunately, only a few people will be able to decide whether to leave or continue. Even though most people claim that they wager and lose the casino’s money, they actually lose their winnings whenever they mess up with their winning streak.
Approaching the system

Even though the system is seemingly simple at the core, you have device a good way of playing it right to benefit. The following are the best-know tactics of the reverse sleeper system.

– All Out Aggression

The All Out Aggression might be the riskiest approach. However, it yields greater rewards. It is an all-or-nothing play style. The gambler continues to double his/her bet during the winning streak and continues until she has won enough to go home. However, if there are chances of getting a dangerous losing streak, you will lose every coin. There are chances of the opposite happening.

You only need 8 or 9 consecutive wins – 0.38% and 0.19% probability respectively – after which you should probably get to the table limit. After that, you will exit the game a happy gambler after winning. The chances of that happening are very low.

– 3-Step reverse sleeper system

To remain safe, use the 3-step reverse sleeper system. The idea behind the system is limiting bet to three consecutive games and then proceed with the least bid possible. The system works perfectly when there are sufficient consecutive win sequences. However, the possibilities of failing miserably are also high when consecutive win sequences are inadequate. With the system, you can leave the game a happy gambler.

Most people will find the double up progression very aggressive. They, therefore, look for alternative ways to proceed with their bets. » Strategy » The Reverse Sleeper System
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