Parlay Betting System

If you have ever dabbled in the world of sports betting, you will have no doubt come across the term ‘parlay’. If you are from outside of North America, you may be more familiar with the term ‘combo’ or ‘accumulator’, but they all mean the same thing – they are a bet that relies on all selections winning before it pays out. It may be that you have backed New Orleans -8.5 and Over 42.5 points in the Giants game in a parlay selection, which will only pay out if both selections win. If one loses, the entire parlay bet loses.

This idea can be replicated when playing casino games, especially roulette, in the form of a progressive betting system. This progressive betting system relies on winning streaks, but it does not require you to bet on even money shots, like a lot of betting systems do. The system uses the ‘let it ride’ mantra – you win a bet, you let the entire amount won stay on the table for the next bet, and the next and so on until you win your desired amount of bets in a row, of your streak comes to an end. So, you parlay up your winnings, as you would in a parlay/combo/accumulator bet.

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To begin, you need to work out your bankroll, or how much you are willing to stake in your session. It’s preferable to use round numbers, as they can be easily divisible by 100 to create a betting bank of 100 units. So, you may have a bankroll of $250, which would give one unit a value of $2.50. Your bankroll may be $1,000, which would mean one unit had a value of $10. It’s important to have 100 units as a minimum in your bank (you can have more units by just dividing by a greater, but you should never have less) to allow for fluctuation and also to give you more enjoyment than if you had a smaller bank which only lasted a couple of spins of the roulette wheel because you were unable to get a win. We will go to the table with a $1,000 bankroll, betting $10 at a time.

So, now you have your bankroll, the next thing is to decide on your wager. If you are playing roulette, you can use the Parlay betting system on any bet available on the table. If you want to win obscene amounts, place your bet on an inside bet, and if you want to make modest gains, you may be better served playing the outside bets on the table, as the odds are more favorable. For this example, we will bet on the columns, and we’ll pick the second column.
Finally, you have to decide how many wagers you want to win in a row. You should be conservative when deciding this, as getting three wins in a row is certainly achievable, getting six is tricky, and getting ten or more is verging on insanity.

We will stick to a conservative three wins in a row, and if/when we hit three wins, we will start our system from the beginning.

To start, the Parlay betting system requires you to bet one unit. This will never change, unlike a lot of betting systems – you always start the progression with one unit. And, as mentioned earlier, if your bet wins, you let it ride. And if it wins again, you let it ride one more time, since we are only looking for three wins in a row. If at any point the bet loses, you return back to the start of the system and bet one unit again.

In our example, our column bet pays 2-1. If our first bet wins, we will leave the $30 (initial stake, plus $20 profit) on the table and let it ride on the next spin. If it wins again, we now have $90 on the table (the $30 stake, with $60 profit), which we will let ride again. Regardless of the outcome of the next spin, our sequence will end – we will either pocket $270 ($260 profit) or we will lose and have to restart the sequence again (losing $10). This process continues until you hit a pre-designated target (perhaps doubling your bankroll, or winning a percentage of it), or you have wagered your entire bankroll.

You can also shift your bet around the table, if you wish to, as long as you continue to bet the full amount. So, you may decide that after every successful column bet, you move on to a six-line bet, which pays 5-1, which means if that bet wins, your next wager will be $180. You may decide the last section of the parlay bet is a bet on black/red/odd/even to give you a 50:50 chance of winning the last leg of the bet. It really is your choice as to how your parlay bet looks, and you may decide on it after working out how much you want to win on each progression.

The Parlay betting system is one of the simplest betting systems out there, you don’t need to work out patterns or how much your next bet should be, all you have to do is let your bet ride for as many times as you have decided on. This is why it is such a popular system when betting on roulette. The other reason it is so popular is that you can win a lot in such a short amount of time. In our example above, we won 26-times our initial stake after only three bets, with our risk only ever being $10. It would be even greater if you bet on one number on the roulette wheel which came up twice in a row.
The downside to the Parlay betting system is that you are not guaranteed to ever hit a winning streak when playing any casino game, including roulette. While you may get them, you may not get the desired amount for you to cash out. You are still playing a game with negative equity for the player, so not every session may guarantee you a win.

However, the Parlay betting system does offer a lot of excitement for little risk, which is what a lot of bettors are looking for, so as long as you don’t think it’s a license to print money, the Parlay betting system is one that is fun to use, as long you do not become greedy when implementing your betting strategy. » Strategy » Parlay Betting System
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