Inside Bet Betting System

The Inside Bet betting system is, as the name suggests, a betting system that involves betting on the actual numbers on the roulette table, as opposed to the outside bets, which tend to be red/black, odd/even, Dozens, Columns, etc. The inside bets are the bets that involves specific number coming up – these bets pay more than outside bets, which pay 1-1 or, at best 2-1, which is why the Inside Bet betting system can be far more lucrative should you hit a purple patch. The bets on the inside of the table are where things can start to get interesting, and is where the majority of the chips on a roulette table tend to go.

The Inside Bet betting system relies on you having a little knowledge on the inside bets which can be made on a roulette table. There are five in all, with the most obvious one being a bet on a single number. This means you put your bet down on one number on the table, and if the ball lands on it, you win at odds of 35-1. On American Roulette tables, the odds of this bet actually winning are 37-1, and it is a 36-1 chance on a European Roulette table. It is the biggest payout on the roulette table, since it is the most difficult to land.

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The next bet you can place on the inside is the Split bet, which is a bet on two neighboring numbers on the roulette table. You place your chip on the line between them, effectively ‘splitting’ them with your chip. You could bet on 1 & 2, or 5 & 8, or 32 & 33 as examples, and if the ball lands on either of them, you win and it pays odds of 17-1. You are giving yourself twice as many chance to win as you would betting on a single number, and you get approximately half the return a bet on one number would give you.

The next biggest payout of the inside bets is the Street bet, which is a bet on three consecutive numbers on the table. You place your chip on the edge of the first number in the row, and that will cover all three numbers. For example, putting your chip at the side of the number 10 would mean you cover 10, 11 and 12 in your Street bet. If this bet comes up, you win at odds of 11-1. With 3 times as much chance of winning as you would have if you bet a single number, you get roughly one-third of the return.

Next on the list is the Corner bet, which involves backing a box of four numbers on the table. You place your chip on the intersecting corner, and all four numbers are covered. So to cover 1, 2, 4 and 5, you would place your chip where all four corners join. If the ball hits one of your four numbers, you get a return of 8-1. You are giving yourself twice as many chances as you would have in a Split bet, so you get roughly half the return of one.

The last bet, and the smallest return on a successful bet, is the Line bet. This is basically two Street bets in one, as you cover neighboring streets. To place this bet, you place it to the left of the two streets you want to bet on, on the corner where they meet. So you may want to back 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, so place your chip on the left side of 10 & 13 where the numbers meet. If any of your six numbers come up, the payout is 5-1. You are twice as likely to land this bet as you are on a regular Street bet, so you get around half the return.

The Inside Bet betting system focuses on the bets listed above, and steers you away from the even money and 2-1 proposition bets that are on the outside. So, to use the Inside Bet betting system, all you need to do is group certain numbers together. If you like the first six numbers on the table, place a Line bet on them, and maybe some Split bets around those numbers, and maybe a Corner bet or two – the decision when using this betting system is ultimately yours. You are playing high-reward roulette for less risk; it would take five consecutive one unit wins on an even money bet to get the return of a winning one unit Line bet, so you can see the appeal of using the Inside Bet betting system.

That is not to say that playing the outside bets is a bad thing, but they are not going to give you the same return on investment that you would get playing the inside bets. If you are happy to grind out smaller wins, low-risk, low-return, the Inside Bet betting system is probably not for you, but if you are seeking the big win, definitely consider trying out Corner bets, Street bets and Split bets, and if you get a streak going, you are going to be a lot better off than you would be if you had stuck to your outside bets.

Of course, that is not to say streaks exist, but if you do get fortunate enough to land two successful Corner bets in a row, you could end up a lot happier than if it was two winning odd/even bets. » Strategy » Inside Bet Betting System
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