The James Bond Roulette System

Roulette has several strategies that can be used to maximize profits and help players to make more accurate bets. One of the most commonly used roulette strategy is the James Bond Roulette strategy. In this strategy, players must have some background knowledge on how the roulette slot works and different winning margins for each an every selection or placed bet.

How the strategy works
In order for this system to work you need to have a balance of at-least $500 or $100. The system requires one to place three bets on number 19 to 36, Zero (0), and numbers 13 to 18.
For example if you start with a maximum bet amount of $200, you can place a stake of $140 on numbers (19 to 36), $40 on numbers (13 to 18) and a stake of $10 on number zero (0). The stake on zero acts as an insurance and can give you huge winnings when the rolling ball stops on zero.

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Possible winnings
If a number between 13 and 18 is selected you will get a profit of approximately $100,
If a numbers between 19 to 36 is selected you will get a profit of $80.
If you are lucky enough and zero comes out, you will get a profit of $160.
If a number between 1 to 12 is selected, you will lose the bet.

With this strategy it’s very easy to make huge profits if you are an experienced roulette player who has mastered the gimmicks of the slot. However, new players can also follow James Bond roulette strategy and still achieve success with it. If you accumulate quick earnings with a huge profit margin, it’s recommended that you quit playing since the system can also have a long losing streak, even though it’s very rare for this to happen. Another alternative way of making profits with this strategy, is to withdraw profits once they hit 50%, for example if you make $250 with $500, you withdraw $250 and continue playing with a balance of $500 for several times and withdraw profits again once they reach you target.

With an ordinarily name that is so hard to forget, the James Bond strategy was featured in James Bond movies and it emerged as a good winning strategy that can be tried out. Since the Roulette has a total of 37 numbers (including Zero), this systems covers over 80 percent of the possible winning numbers and it’s quite difficult for one to incur losses or losing streaks in a continuous row.

The James Bond roulette strategy has been tested for efficiency on both virtual and real roulette slots. If you follow the strategy carefully, you can be able to maximize your profits within some few minutes of play. Even though, experience with how the roulette works is a great advantage for anyone trying to use this strategy, inexperienced players can use virtual slots with virtual money for more practice and learning.

Types of Roulette’s that works well with James Bond Roulette system
If you are planning to use the James bond strategy, consider using the European roulette since it has a higher chance of winning than the American roulette. In the American roulette slot there is an added line of Zero-Zero (00) that increases the possible winning numbers to 38, unlike European roulette that has a total of 37 numbers.

In order to make good money with this system, you need to be more disciplined and have patient with the strategy. Do not bet more than you can afford to loose and bet for so long after making huge profits with the strategy. Following all the rules of the strategy will guarantee you some profitable results and the only way you can win is by putting every skill and tactic into practice.

If every detail outlined in James Bond roulette strategy is well followed, players can enjoy huge returns while playing roulette in a more safer way. The biggest concern of every player is the amount of money he or she can possibly win with a roulette slot. James strategy works quite well and it has a higher winning rate than other commonly used roulette strategy. One of the most important tip that is highly emphasized by this strategy is that players should always take or cash out their profits once they hit a lucky streak in the early stages of playing the slot. » Strategy » The James Bond Roulette System
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