Oscar’s Grind Betting System

Oscar’s Grind is a gambling system that is best suit to the game of roulette. As the name would suggest, it is a slow, laborious betting system, where you will grind out a profit – the system actually has you grinding out wins of no more than 1 unit at a time, which means that this betting system is not for the gambler that wants to become a millionaire overnight.

Because you are only setting out to win 1 unit at a time, betting on black and red, or odd and even when playing roulette is the best place to utilise Oscar’s Grind.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to use Oscar’s Grind, you have to establish your bankroll – that is how much you have set aside for this gambling session and are comfortable risking, albeit it not all at once. So, you may have a bankroll of $100, $500, or $10,000, the idea will still be the same. We then work out what 1 unit would be. It is best to treat 1 unit as 1% of your bankroll. So, divide your bankroll by 100 and that is what you’ll be aiming to achieve each time using Oscar’s Grind. So if your bankroll is $100, you’d be looking to make $1 on each “grind”, and if it was $10,000, you’d be looking to make $100. See, they are not lying when they sat that it is a grind – it’s definitely not a fast way to becoming a millionaire. But it is a way of grinding out slow, steady profits without having to wager an awful lot on one spin of the roulette wheel, unlike other betting systems.

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Now that your bankroll is set (for the sake of this article, we’ll say it’s $500), you’re good to go on your 50/50 bets. It doesn’t matter if you choose red or black, odd or even, and it doesn’t matter about sticking with one or the other – those aren’t the important rules for Oscar’s Grind. There are only two rules that matter when using Oscar’s Grind – you are only looking to make a profit of 1 unit per session, and when you are losing your bet stays the same, and when you are winning, you increase your bet by 1 unit.

So, because those bets pay 1:1 and we’re only looking to make 1 unit, we start out with a 1 unit bet, which in this case will be $5. And we’ll put it on black. Luckily for us, our bet wins, and our “grind” is complete. So we bank that, keeping is separate from our bankroll, and start again with a 1 unit bet, looking to make 1 unit.

Unfortunately, our second bet loses. Referring back to our rules, our bet stays the same, so now we have -1 unit for this session, and we bet 1 unit on black again. Again, it loses, and we’re on -2 units, betting 1 unit again. The losing streak continues and we’re now on -3 units. We stick with our 1 unit bet, and this time it wins – so we are now on -2 units, and because the rules say to increase your bet when winning, we bet 2 units on our next bet. Again, this bet wins and now we encounter one of the issues of Oscar’s Grind.

The rules say that when you win, you increase your bet by 1 unit. However, the rules also state that you can’t win more than 1 unit per session. In the above example, our next bet would be 3 units, but our balance for the session is break even (0 units won, 0 lost) and if the bet wins, we would then have a profit of +3, which is against the rules of Oscar’s Grind. So you have to restructure your bet so that you only make 1 unit profit. In this case, your bet goes back to 1 unit. If you had a prolonged session, and you had a loss of -6 units, but you were on a bit of a hot streak and your last bet was 10 units, you would bring it back to 7 units to attempt to win that 1 unit profit.

The main issue with Oscar’s Grind is that it can be a bit confusing you have a longer session, as detailed above. However, as long as you keep it in your head that all you want to do is win 1 unit, not a penny more or a penny less, you can’t go wrong.

Like all betting systems, Oscar’s Grind is not a guarantee of success, but it is a system that can yield small, consistent profits, as long as you follow the rules. And as long as you have a set limit in mind of what you are prepared to lose in a session, Oscar’s Grind can’t get you into as much trouble as systems like the Martingale Betting system, where you are betting ridiculous sums – Oscar’s Grind does not let loses spiral out of control as quickly because you are not upping the stakes when you win. However, if you are in bad losing position, Oscar’s Grind does not offer you the quick reprieve that the Martingale System does – it is a grind, after all.

The nature of Oscar’s Grind, being slow, methodical and somewhat complex means that it is not a betting system that is suitable for everyone when playing roulette. However, if is definitely more fun than a betting system like the Martingale Betting system, where you are simply doubling your bets, as you have to think using Oscar’s Grind – it is not always a case of doubling your bets, you have to work out what is going to make you that 1 unit profit, which is not always as simple as adding 1 unit to your bet on a winning streak. While thinking men would claim not to use betting systems, out of all of them, Oscar’s Grind would be the one that you could call “the thinking man’s betting system”.

Oscar’s Grind Betting System Summarized:

Sometime in the 1950s, a man by the name of, you guessed it, Oscar made a living of off this betting system, using it in both Roulette and Craps on even money bets.

This system became popular in the 1960s when Oscar had a conversation with a journalist, Allan Wilson, who wrote a story about it based on a conversation he had with Oscar. It’s a conservative approach to playing Roulette, with not much excitement and, as the name implies, will take some time to grind out a large profit.

Oscars Grind can be a great system for beginners and seasoned vets alike due to its low risk/low reward idea.

The premise is simple, win one unit and the cycle is over so you start again. You start by placing a single unit, and only a single unit (this is important), on any even money bet.

Your goal is to win one single unit so if you win after the first spin the cycle is over, but is you lose you continue to bet a single unit until you win. After winning a spin, add a single unit to original bet and continue with this sequence until you profit by one unit.

For Example:
Spin #1: Bet 1 Lose, Profit =-1
Spin #2 Bet 1 Lose, Profit = -2
Spin #3 Bet 1 Lose, Profit = -3
Spin #4 Bet 1 Win, Profit = -2
Spin #5 Bet 2 Lose, Profit = -4
Spin #6 Bet 2 Win, Profit = -2
Spin #7 Bet 3 Win, Profit = +1

And at this point with you achieving your goal of winning a single unit the cycle is complete and you would start over again by betting a single unit. While using this system it says that you should add one unit to your bet after every win and in some situations that would put you over your goal of winning one single unit so you will have to adjust accordingly so that you never go over +1.

This system is great for the patient gambler who isn’t trying to make a fortune, just a slow and steady profit, and with some practice you will see how easy this is.

For Roulette players looking for a rush or thrill, this system isn’t for you. For people looking to grind out a win, give The Oscar Grind Betting system a go. » Strategy » Oscar’s Grind Betting System
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