Pyramid Betting System

The Pyramid Betting System is one of the most popular betting systems in Roulette – and for good reason. It doesn’t require crazy betting like the Martingale where you can be sweating and stressing after just a few spins don’t go your way.

It’s also known as the D’Alembert Betting System but I get so many requests from people asking me to explain The Pyramid Betting System that I felt it best I run a separate article covering it.

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Okay – so how does the Pyramid Betting System work? We’ll start with $1 bets as that’s the easiest example to understand, and until you become familiar with each betting system it’s best to bet as small as possible.

So you bet $1, and then you win. Great. Bet $1 again. What happens if you lose though?

If it’s the Martingale, you double your last bet. Not so with the Pyramid System. Every time you lose with the Pyramid system, you simply ADD $1 to your bet.

So assume 6 losses in a row – your betting pattern is simply $1, $2, $3, $4, $5 and then $6. That’s it – nothing crazy. And as you win, you take off $1 for the betting amount.

It’s a really fun betting system where again, a big losing streak will obviously hurt you but you can really go on and on for quite awhile.

I’m going to do an example of how the Pyramid works and then tally it up for you as I go along. So I will lost the bet amount, whether it won or lost and then what my current total is with all bets on red:

Bet $1. Win. +$1.
Bet $1. Lose. $0.
Bet $2. Lose. -$2.
Bet $3. Win. +$1.
Bet $2. Win. +$3.
Bet $1. Lose. +$2.
Bet $2. Lose. $0.
Bet $3. Lose. -$3.
Bet $4. Lose. -$7.
Bet $5. Lose. -$12.
Bet $6. Win. -$6.
Bet $5. Lose. -$11.
Bet $6. Win. -$5.
Bet $5. Win. $0.

See how that works? It’s like a pyramid – you keep raising 1 by 1 then when you win, you lower 1 by 1.

In that example I played exactly $14 times. The biggest negative I was at was just -$12, and that was thanks to a 5 spin losing streak. Yet it took just 3 wins and 1 loss for me to become “even’ again after that.

Hell in that scenario, I lost more than I won(8 losses compared to 6 wins) yet I still broke even!

Of course there’s the house edge and in the long run yeah you’ll lose – but if you’re looking for a nice entertaining betting system that really ups the game of Roulette, then this is a great one for you.

You’re also not going to be risking crazy money to win $1. I mean the worst scenario in the above spins – I was $11 in the negative, and I was betting just $6.

This is a blast to play in the short-term, especially with it being simplified bets. Probably my favourite betting system and the only issue is that it can be hard to keep track of your actual profit/loss. Make sure you do that – and set yourself a betting limit for example buy in for $50, and promise to leave as soon as you are down exactly $50.

Pyramid Betting System: What To Bet On

You will be betting on even money bets. I mean you don’t have to I guess – but I wouldn’t bet betting numbers. I’d be sticking to even money bets such as red, black, even, odd or a low bet or high bet.

If you want to extend it, don’t go further than the 3-1 payoffs. Those are a blast BTW – when you’re in the hole $11 and you bet $6 and win – suddenly you’re up $7.

The main thing to understand is that yeah – this isn’t an unbeatable, winning system. It’s a casino game and you’ll lose eventually. But you should be treating casino games as entertainment anyway, in which case the Pyramid Betting System is absolutely perfect. Like I said – you are only betting in smaller increments each time, no crazy bets that will break the bank – and it’s a great feeling when you hit that big win – while not a big stresser if you don’t hit it and have to increase your bet by a whole buck. » Strategy » Pyramid Betting System
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