Club Roulette

Club Roulette

Club Roulette is a product from Playtech and it is based on the famous table game that you cannot get in casinos across the globe and you can find it online at Titan Casino.

Containing a corresponding numbered betting board and a numbered wheel, the game operates with one easy premise: which requires one to guess where a steel ball will land on the wheel.

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For several punters the draw of the roulette wheel is the same and one cannot be unsuccessful simply because it contains extra excitement and tension than in any other game.

It is because of this reason that Playtech resolved to build and release Club Roulette. Comprising of every basic features you do not imagine in such a traditional game of roulette, Playtech’s edition also contains several innovations which assist to advance the gaming experience.

Unique Features Of Club Roulette

One of the major features that make Club Roulette a great gaming experience is the special bets feature. In a live casino situation one of the major time-consuming aspects of this game is that players are spreading their bets. But thanks to Titan Casino this isn’t a problem

Even if this is absolutely acceptable when you are in this type of surroundings, online gaming is all concerning speed and competence that is why players are careful to avoid going through the rigors of physically constructing bets.

At a Club Roulette table it is set up in such a way that it is incredibly easy to play and use and virtually all bets can be placed by a single click of the mouse. By introducing the special bets tab, a player is offered with 34 unique options from “zero game” and “red splits” to “Orphelin cheval” and “Finale plein 7”. Every special bet will automatically put chips on the betting table in a line from the players funds.

For example, if a player had an initial starting balance of $50, then they can choose a chip amount of $0.50 and then go through their choice of special bets. Betting with a $0.50 chip on every one of the highlighted options ensures that the player is given the opportunity to rotate the wheel for a small portion of their account balance.

The main benefit of this system is that it reduces the game duration considerably which, in turn, means that a player is able to make extra money at the table. When you compare the standard roulette, Club Roulette is about 10X faster, which means players can complete more rounds of Roulette in less time and in turn win more money in less time.

The other outstanding feature of Club Roulette is that it has low betting limits. For several recreational players the roulette board can be intimidating place in a live casino due to the fact that the betting limits are regularly more than they can handle. But at a Club Roulette table, this is not a problem since tables with betting chips as little as $0.01 can be found. Although the lowest amount that must be bet isn’t $0.01, it still allows players to play for pennies instead of hundreds.

This is a great way for people new to not only Club Roulette but Roulette in general to learn the game

How to Play Club Roulette

Club Roulette aims at bringing the excitement and the tension of the typical table game to your home. Club Roulette keeps things simple and impressive giving a realistic gameplay experience.

Just like any other roulette game, the aim of Club Roulette is to correctly predict the numbered slot on the wheel where the ball will get in. This game features number 1 to 36 colored black and red plus a zero that appears green.

In order to lay your bet, you have to choose the value of the chip you wish to wager with. This is the first action.

Next click on a chip of the right size to be used then pick a bet area randomly on the roulette table and put your stake there. Any time you click on a particular spot, another chip of similar value is added to your bet.

If on the hand you want to increase your wager, just choose another chip value. Multiple chips of different amounts may be placed in many different betting spots at the same time. To remove a chip of similar value as the selected one, right click the area where you have placed a bet already. The whole wager will be scrapped in case the chip you choose has a higher value that the existing bet.

Upper and lower bet limits differ depending on your VIP level.

The number of possible wagers in Club Roulette is huge. The table can used to put standard bets for example black or red, even or odd, ranges or single numbers. There are plenty of different ways to bet and its best to try each to find out which works best for you as each Roulette player is different from the next.

Other wagers can be accessed through hitting the Special Bets button found at bottom of the screen to the right. These cover specific patterns using Cheval and Plein bets (splits and straights respectively).

The Special Bets cover an array of numbers from the smallest possible chip number and can consist of a combination of both Cheval and Plein. Examples include black and red splits (every possible splits on either black or red numbers), tier du cylindre (the roulette wheel region opposite zero) and voisins du zero (all the numbers surrounding zero in the roulette wheel region).

Many game-play related buttons are used to speed up the experience of Club Roulette. Clear Bets for example removes all the earlier bets off the table, whereas Rebet will allow you to speedily place the exact wager as in the previous round. Spin as the name implies sets the wheel in motion while Skip Turn helps you miss a round when playing in a multiplayer mode.

Where to Play Club Roulette

If this sounds like a version of Roulette that you would like to try then head over to the always impressive Titan Casino to play Club Roulette.

We have described how to play the game online above. With the software from Playtech, you have a master piece as far as quality gaming experience is concerned.

Club Roulette Review

Playing Club Roulette is a fantastic gaming experience usually better than you could get in a land based casino. This plus the fact that you can play any time from the comfort of your computer makes the online game a favorite to many players.

The graphics in Playtech are also above board making you feel as if you are playing on the floor of the casino. Furthermore, live chat is enabled in all the games hence you can meet and make friends as you play.

Again this is a favorite game among the Roulette community so be sure to head to Titan Casino and give this a try. » Games » Club Roulette
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