English Roulette

Roulette is among the most popular games one can find in a casino. It was invented by the famous French inventor Blaise Pascal in the 18th century.The game comprises of two key features. The first is a circular spinning wheel (called the roulette wheel) that contains 37 numbers in individual open pockets, from 0 to 37. The numbers are colored either red or black, depending on whether they are odd or even. The 0 number is always colored green.

An American version which features 38 numbers, with an additional ’00’ number is also available. The second component is a small white ball that is spun onto the rotating wheel during game-play, eventually landing on a single number after the wheel stops spinning. The main aim of the player is to be able to accurately determine the exact number, or set of numbers that the ball will finally settle on.

The player then places their wager based on the prediction they have made. If the outcome matches their prediction, the player wins a total sum of their wager multiplied by the specific odds set for the number, or set of numbers they chose. The game is controlled by an agent appointed by the casino called the croupier. This agent is tasked ensuring that the rules are observed, determining wins and spinning of the ball and wheel.

There are several variants of Roulette that include the American, French and English versions. Although its game-play is almost similar to the other versions, English Roulette comes with slightly different rules. In this variation, the number of players is fixed, unlike in other versions where there is no upper limit for the number of players.

The maximum number of players allowed varies depending on the casino, but usually does not exceed 8. Each player is also allocated uniquely colored chips. This is usually done to make the croupier’s work easier in identifying each player’s stake. The final, and perhaps biggest distinguishing feature of English Roulette is the rule which gives back players half their stake if the ball lands on 0. Other variations are less lenient and players lose all their stakes when the ball land on zero.

In English Roulette, a player has the option of placing a bet on two broad categories; inside bets and outside bets. In this game, the croupier gives all players a chance to decide on what bets they prefer. The bets are placed by players placing the desired number of chips on the number or set of numbers they would like. After the bets have been placed, the croupier announces the end of the betting stage and allows no further betting.

The croupier then spins the wheel in a clockwise direction before tossing the ball in an anti-clockwise direction on the wheel. Once the ball loses momentum and settles on a specific number, the croupier announces the winners, if the outcome matches the predictions they made.

Inside bets
These bets offer the greatest returns on a player’s stake because they are more difficult to win. They are categorized as follows;
1. Straight bets – Placed on a single number from 0 to 36. A win is 35 times the bet placed.
2. Split – Placed on two vertically or horizontally adjacent numbers. A win is 17 times the bet placed.
3. Corner – Placed on any 4 numbers that meet at one corner. Here a player wins 8 times the initial bet.
4. Six lines/Double street – A bet is placed on 6 continuous numbers that occupy two horizontal lines. A win is 5 times the placed bet.

Outside bets
These offer more modest returns but the chance of winning is usually higher than in inside bets.
1. Low number – Placed on numbers between 1 to 18. A win is 1 times the bet placed.
2. High number – Placed on numbers between 19 to 36. A win is 1 times the bet placed.
3. Red or Black – A player predicts whether the ball will land on a red or black-colored number. A win is 1 times the placed bet.
4. Odd or Even – A player places a bet, predicting that the ball will land on any even number or any odd number. A win is 1 times the bet.
5. Column bet – A player places a bet on the ball landing in one of the three columns of numbers. A player has the option of selecting one column only, where a win is double the placed bet, or splitting between two columns, where they will win only half their wager.

English Roulette is an entertaining game that has the unique distinction of having a limit on the number of players, and also the forgiving aspect of allowing players to recover half their wager if the ball happens to land on 0. It should nevertheless be played responsibly since it is a game of chance, and one should never bet more than they can afford to lose. » Games » English Roulette
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