Multifire Auto Roulette

Released on March 23, 2021, Multifire Auto Roulette is a fiery table game whose developer is Real Dealer Studios; it is a cross between the November 2020 game Multifire Roulette and Real Auto Roulette (October 2020). Microgaming distributes this European roulette spinoff. Also from the developer: the “Real Roulette with/con” series, Real Spooky Roulette (September 2021), and Real Christmas Roulette (November 2021).

Multifire Auto Roulette Game Characteristics

Multifire Auto Roulette’s special features include its computer-generated effects, randomized selections, huge jackpot, and ten bonus-related win multipliers.

The loading page’s “play” icon loads a translucent background, with 3D roulette wheel that segues into a 2D betting grid. The bottom-left “racetrack” icon loads the gray-lined track, while the substituting “bet-board” icon reverts to the 0-36 grid.

Multifire Auto Roulette has ten casino chips, namely: $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, and $100. Players can manually or automatically— “random 3” icon—place Multifire Auto Roulette’s bet options, which are classified under these 21 categories: eight table bets, four call bets, and nine special bets.

Table bets: straight up, split, street, square, line, column (first, second or three columns), dozen (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12), and even-money bets (1-18 or 19-36, even or odd, and black or red). Table bets have $0.25 minimum bet limits and: Straight up’s $125.00 maximum bet; split bet’s $250.00 maximum bet; street line’s $375.00 maximum bet; square’s $500.00 maximum bet; line’s $625.00 maximum bet; dozen, or column’s $875.00 maximum bet; and even-money’s $1000.00 maximum bet.

Call bets are: les orphelins; tiers du cylindre; les voisins du zero; and 0-9 neighbors. Their maximum bets: $1125.00 for les orphelins; 1500.00 in tiers du cylindre; and $1775.00 in les voisins du zero.
The neighbors’ maximum bets: $125.00 for #0, $375.00 for #1, $625.00 for #2, $875.00 for #3, $1125.00 for #4, $1375.00 for #5, $1625.00 for #6, $1875.00 for #7, $2125.00 for #8, and $2375.00 for #9.

The starry icon’s special bets: red splits, black splits, les voisins du zero, tiers du cylindre, les orphelins, orphelins plein, zero game, 007, and snake. Special bet’s limits: $400.00 for red splits, or zero game; $700.00 for black splits; $900.00 for les voisins du zero; $600.00 for tiers du cylindre; $500.00 for les orphelins; $800.00 for orpehlins plein; $2100.00 for 007, or snake. Minimum table limit: $0.25. Maximum table limit: $54,500.00.

Here are Multifire Auto Roulette’s regular payouts and win multipliers. Straight up pays between 29:1 and 499:1. Split pays 17:1. Street pays 11:1. Square pays 8:1. Line pays 5:1. Column, or dozen pays 2:1. Even-money pays 1:1. The up to five random selections below the wheel may match with the drawn number, thus triggering these win multipliers—50X, 100X, 150X, 200X, 250X, 300X, 350X, 400X, 450X, or 500X. The non-progressive jackpot: $122,500.00.

The Multifire Auto Roulette’s characteristics: high volatility; HTML5 software; chinking and rattling sound effects; instrumental background music; sluggish gameplay; auto, low, medium or high-quality video qualities; hot/cold numbers; and 10, 25, 50, or 100 auto play rounds. Animated 3D graphics: spins, rotations, fiery blobs, and hurtling embers.

Luck in Multifire Auto Roulette

Multifire Auto Roulette is a game of luck. The multiplier’s probabilities: 38.26% for 50X; 42.20% for 100X; 3.80% for 150X; 8.96% for 200X; 0.68% for 250X; 2.04% for 300X; 0.68% for 350X; 0.54% for 400X; 0.41% for 450X; and 2.44% for 500X.

Multiplier-related straight-up: 22.20% RTP rate; 77.80% house edge. Multiplier-less straight up: 75.10% RTP rate; 22.20% house edge. Average RTP rate: 97.30%. Average house edge: 2.70%. » Games » Multifire Auto Roulette
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