NewAr Roulette

NewAr Roulette is an online casino game by Playtech a company specializing in the manufacture of online games and sports betting software. The game is basically an enhanced version of the European Roulette featuring a standard roulette wheel, and 1 to 36 numbers with a single zero between number 26 and 32. The game comes with a host of betting options that users can choose from depending on the amount they would like to bet on each game.

What is unique about NewAr Roulette?

The game is very similar to the European Roulette gambling game where a small ball is released on the opposite direction of a revolving wheel and bets are placed on which black numbered or red numbered compartment the ball will come to rest. While the ultimate goal of the game remains the same, the rules are a bit different with the NewAr Roulette online game.

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First is the fact that the game is played online and comes with additional rules. These rules generally revolve around the way the bets are played and the limits concerning position where the bets should be placed. The game generally offers more betting options when compared to other online Roulette games and comes with a wider betting range of $ 1.00 to $500. Other unique features include a favorite bet button that allow users to save up to 4 of their favorite bets and a smooth animation for an enhanced gaming experience.

How To Play NewAr Roulette?

Just like any roulette game, the ultimate goal is to predict where the ball will rest on the Roulette Wheel. Below is a brief on how to pay this game.

1. Click and select a chip based on the value you want to bet

2. Place the cursor over any position on the Roulette Layout to see the type of bet placed on that specific position, the bet limit for that type of bet, your bet amount and the payout amount for the bet. Hover the cursor over the layout to see the different types and bets and the numbers that will be included in the different bets.

3. Make your bet by clicking on any of the numbers the Roulette table. Every click you make on the table earns you a bet with a value equivalent to the chip that you selected. The number of bets that you can place at a given game will differ depending on your level. You will be allowed to make more bets if you are at the VIP level as opposed to the standard level.

4. You are allowed to increase your bet by another amount by simply picking another chip and placing it on the desired betting area.

5. To remove a chip from the betting area, you can simply right click on the right betting area. A timer will is available to guide you on the time you have before the betting time elapses.

6. Once you are done placing your bets, click the confirm bets button. If you still have some time before the betting time elapses, you can place more bets but you have to click the confirm bet button every time. Once a bet is confirmed, it cannot be removed.

7. Click on Spin to set the ball spinning. The ball will rotate and clearly land on one number.

8. Once the spin is complete and the ball has landed on a number, the game will start again. You can remove all your bets so as to place your bet once more or simply click on the Rebet button to place the same bets in the next round. You can also select the Double & Spin button to double your bets and spin the ball at the same time or Rebet& Spin button to place the same bets and spin the ball. The procedure can be repeated for as many times as you would like to participate in the game. Your winning will remain on the table and will be returned to you when you end the game. You can then receive payouts for all your successful bets.

NewAr Roulette List of Bets

Straight up bet- Played using one chip
Split bets- Played using two chips
Street bets- Played using three chips
Corner bets- Played using four chips
Line bet- Played using six chips
Black and odd or Red and even
Outside bets that include red/black, high/low, and odd/even » Games » NewAr Roulette
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