Fortune 18

Fortune 18 is a February 2017 multiplayer table game developed by Inbet. Named after its eighteen numbers; it is the first game in the four-game Fortune series whose other three games are Fortune Black (August 2017), Fortuna (September 2018), and Fruit Fortune Wheel (2020). Inbet also owns the November 2018 game Live Roulette.

Fortune 18 Game Characteristics

Fortune 18 is set on a floral blue background. It has a colorful wheel of fortune at the middle that replaces the usual roulette wheel. Unfortunately, the absence of a racetrack means no neighbor bets. It also lacks the usual bets associated with the regular 1-36 table.

Instead, Fortune 18 has, at top right, celled numbers 1 to 18 in ascending columns of threes and left-right rows. There is a yellow-and-blue zero beside the “random” icon and a similar pocket in the wheel whose yellow, purple and red pockets also correspond with the numbers’ colors.

Luckily, Fortune 18 has comparatively more color bets alongside its halves and thirds bets. The numbered section has: yellow numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18; purple numbers 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 and 17; and red numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 and 16. These are the five Fortune 18’s casino chips: $10, $50, $100, $200 and $500 bet sizes.

In total, Fortune 18 has these 35 bet options (also the icons above and below the numbers). Two high/low options: 1st half (1-9) bet; and 2nd half (10-18) bet. Eighteen straight up choices: numbers 1-18. Three half-dozen options: 1st third (1-6) bet; 2nd third (7-12) bet; and 3rd third bet. Zero bet beside the “even” bet and “odd” bet. Nine color-based bet options: red, even red, odd red, purple, even purple, odd purple, yellow, even yellow, and odd yellow bets.

Fortune 18 has two minutes for the betting session and two other minutes for the playing session. Minimum bet: $10.00. However, all bets do not have bet limits as long as they are within the $5000.00 table limit.

Successfully playing the picker wheel offers these Fortune 18 payouts. Numbers 1-18 bets pay 18:1. Zero bet pays 18:1. Red even, red odd, purple even, purple odd, yellow even, or yellow odd bets pays 6:1. Red, purple, yellow, first third, second third, or last third pays 3:1. Even, odd, first half, or second half pays 2:1.

Fortune 18 has a non-progressive maximum payout, which is 18:1 for a zero or other number bets. Thus, the game’s $5000.00 table limit can yield a payout of (5000X18) up to $90000.00.

The good Fortune 18’s software features: JavaScript technology; outcome of the last 16 games and their respective round IDs; bet clearing, canceling, repeating, doubling buttons; no autoplay; full screen; frequency of bet selections for all players during the betting period; and a random picker.
Ambient background: instrumental music. Sound effects: rattling, chinking, and buzzer. The animated 2D graphics include: the spinning and glowing wheel of fortune, number counter, glitter and fireworks effects, and pulsating web-like spectrum.

Luck in Fortune 18

Fortune 18 is a game of luck. The RTP rate is 94.74%. The house edge is 5.26%. » Games » Fortune 18
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