No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced is a game initially released by Casino Web Scripts on January 14, 2019. It is an upgraded offshoot of No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced (February 2018). Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 3D Advanced (January 2019) and Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 2D Advanced (April 2018), from the developer, are also partly named “No-Zero”.

The developer has seven other games in the serialized “3D Advanced”, namely: Multiplayer European Roulette 3D Advanced (December 2018), European Roulette 3D Advanced (December 2018), Multiplayer American Roulette 3D Advanced (December 2018), American Roulette 3D Advanced (December 2018), French Roulette 3D Advanced (January 2019), Mini Roulette 3D Advanced (January 2020), and Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 3D Advanced (January 2019).

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced Game Characteristics

The game’s title No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced is a reference to the absent zero in the white-celled main grid and the speckled gray 3D roulette, which are set on a dark azure background. The grid has 36 numbers only. The domed brown-framed gray-and-tortilla billboard displays the $5.00 minimum and $25000.00 maximum table limits.

The glossy silver-turreted wheel, which has conical wooden rotor, is to the left of another billboard where a screen grab is displayed interchangeably with the game history. The red-and-golden next/previous arrows show No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced’s ten casino chips: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, and $500.

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced has table bets only: straight up bet on 1-36; split bet; street bet; corner bet; five-number bet, six-number bet; six twelve-number bets, namely column bets (top, central or bottom “2-1” columns) and dozen bet (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12); even or odd numbers; black or red numbers; and 18-number bet (numbers 1-18 or numbers 19-36).

In desktops, chips are placed by tapping the bet spot once, while players must double-tap the mobile version twice. It has $0.01 minimum and $25000.00 maximum bet limits. The red-and-golden or gray-and-off-white “undo”, “X2 bets”, “clear bets” and “re-bet” buttons are along the right margin. The flashing “click to spin” cue atop the wheel starts, after bet confirmation, a round whose outcome is on the screen grab and indicated by a red marker.

A dialog box shows the No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced payouts: straight up pays 35: 1; split bet pays 17:1; street bet pays 11:1; corner bet pays 8:1; five-number bet pays 6:1; six-line bet pays 5:1; dozen bet, or column bet pays 2:1; odd/even numbers; red/black numbers; or first half/second half bet pays 1:1. No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced’s maximum win is X36; theoretically, there is (25000X36) a $900000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced lacks free spins and auto play. Features: HTML5 and JavaScript technologies; hover effect; supports all modern browsers, preferably Chrome, Firefox and Safari; full screen; fast play; four switchable table colors (azure, currant, green, and midnight blue); once-click bet; play all sounds; and ambient lounge music amid mumbling. Sound effects: dealer’s voice, chinking, and rattling.

There is a bird’s eye view of the wheel whose—alongside the roulette ball—animated 3D graphics include clockwise and counterclockwise spins and rotations. The default English aside, the optional languages are Malay, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.
Players may purchase the customization-enabling HTML5 codes, although Casino Web Scripts has custom development services too.

Luck in No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced

No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced is a game of luck whose RTP rate is 95.00%, while its house edge is 5.00%. » Games » No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced
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