The Rules of Shot Glass Roulette that Every Player Needs to Know

Do you want to participate in a drinking game that is full of fun? It is a simple roulette game that involves spinning the wheel to see which number corresponds to your shot glass and then you can drink the contents of that glass. The game contains a spinning wheel plus 16 shot glasses each different types of drinks. It is a great way to spice up your party. Always remember to drink responsibly.

There is one fun variation of roulette game known as the Shot roulette-a favorite drinking game that all roulette lovers would like to try. This article will provide information about Shot glass roulette that you need to know.

How do you Play Shot Roulette game?

This drinking game contains one roulette wheel which has several shot glasses strategically placed near its edge. Each shot glass has two numbers which will match the ones that are on the wheel. But for you to succeed in any roulette game you need to understand the rules that govern that game.

Rules to use when Playing Drinking Roulette

Rule #1: Drink and Spin

Each Player will have a chance to spin the wheel and drink the contents that are found in the appropriate shot glass. If the player finds that all the contents of your glass have been consumed, he will have to wait for another round for him to drink. Players will continue to spin the wheel until all the shot glasses are empty.

Rule #2: Pick all Your Glasses

Each player owns several shot glasses. For instance, if five players are present, then each player will have a total of five glasses. After spinning the wheel, each player will drink the contents of the glass that is left. The advantage of this roulette game is that no player will drink contents of more glasses than he owns.

Tip #3: Mix and Match

Players are advised to put a different type of drink in every game to make sure that they enjoy after every spin.

Rule #4: Alternative

Players are advised to avoid putting liquor in all glasses as this will make them drunk, even before the game is over.

Why Shot Glass roulette is not a gambling game

There are many gambling sites on the market today. This makes players believe that all games are designed for gambling purposes. But the truth is that Shot roulette is not a gambling game. It is a game that uses skills to help you enjoy your favorite drink with your friend and relatives. The players have a direct influence on the outcome of this game.

It is contrary to gambling sites where players have no power to influence the results of the game. Gambling games are based on chance. Shot glass roulette does not have a betting system like those of gambling sites. This Christmas you can add booze to your holiday by trying this drinking roulette game. However, players need to drink moderately without exceeding their limits. It is a great roulette game that will no doubt attract alcohol drinkers all over the world. » Games » The Rules of Shot Glass Roulette that Every Player Needs to Know
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