European Roulette with Track low

Released on June 1, 2015 by games developer Playson; European Roulette with Track low is one of the three table games in the “European Roulette with Track” series whose two other instalments are European Roulette with Track (June 2015) and European Roulette with Track High (June 2015).

Another low-branded game is Blackjack low (June 2015). The game’s name “with Track low” refers to the presence of a racetrack and the lowest bet sizes in its series.

European Roulette with Track low Game Characteristics

The desktop version’s loading page has an auto start game option, and players proceed by clicking the yellow continue icon. The mobile players must first “tap to play”, tilt their device to a landscape mode as urged, “touch to play”, then the “tap to continue”.

European Roulette with Track low has a green roulette felt atop its brown leathery, wooden and golden roulette stand that is set on a flowery midnight blue floor with tufted chairs. There are: main grid with 0-36, 3D roulette wheel, and a racetrack running horizontal to the slanted stand.

The European Roulette with Track low’s seven polka-dotted casino chips—at bottom left in desktops; mobile version: pop-up on clicking the “1” chip at left—are: $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, and $10.
European Roulette with Track low has fourteen bet options: four call bets and ten table bets. Call bets: 0-Spiel, series 0/2/3, orphelins, and series 5/8. Table bets: straight up, split, street, corner, six-line, column (top, middle and bottom “2to1” columns), dozen, (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12), 1-18/19-36, black/red, and even/odd.

European Roulette with Track low allows a $0.10 minimum bet. Maximum bets: $1.00 for straight up; $2.00 for split; $3.00 for street; $4.00 for corner; $6.00 for six-line; $20.00 for column and dozen; and $50.00 for black/red, and even/odd. Re-betting aside; the chips can be canceled, doubled and undone. Table limits: $0.10 minimum and $50.00 maximum bets.

The gametime has a ball encircling the wheel before settling on the winning pocket—value shown in a screen grab at top right.

The European Roulette with Track low’s pay table is at left. Straight up bet pays 35:1. Split bet pays 17:1. Street bet pays 11:1. Corner bet pays 8:1. Six-line bet pays 5:1. Column and dozen pays 2:1. Red or black, odd or even, or low or high pays 1:1. The even money bets have the highest payout, where the possible win (associated with X2 the $50.00 bet) may reach $100.00.

The innovative European Roulette with Track low’s features: textual prompts; HTML5 technology; hot and cold numbers; and game history. On the blue taskbar: players can—at left—choose mobile version or desktop version; or—at right—select English, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Finnish, Turkish, Serbian, or Romanian languages.

Sound effects: rattling, chinking, and dealer’s audio prompts and announcements. Ambient background: a mixture of white noise, mumbling, and instrumental. Animated 3D graphics: ceaselessly spinning wheel, glowing, and rotating ball.

Luck in European Roulette with Track low

A game of chance, European Roulette with Track low’s RTP rate is 97.30%. Its house edge is 2.70%. » Games » European Roulette with Track low
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