Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette can be described as a simplified version of European Roulette. Experts usually refer to it as a more “portable” version of classic casino game which is quite entertaining and unique. Thanks to its smaller size, it is ideal for newcomers as it is quite easy to grasp. It only has 13 numbers with 6 blacks, 6 reds and a zero. It has been designed to enable casual game play while you are playing other casino games or even watching the sports book. The maximum bet for this game is set at € 500 while the maximum winnings are € 1760.

What is unique about Mini Roulette?

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One of the features that stands out and makes the game unique is the fact that everything about it is smaller as the name suggests. It only has 13 chambers i.e. 12 chambers and one 0 pot unlike the North American Roulette that has 38 chambers and the French Roulette that has 37 chambers. Another major difference with this game is that there are fewer possible kinds of bets that a person can make when compared with the other versions available in the market. The reduced numbers of chambers however make the game feel more manageable. Keep in mind that with fewer chambers, it increases the chance of landing the ball on 0. This basically means that the house edge becomes significantly greater with this version that it is with the other games. Another area where the game is unique from the other games is how the zero results are handled. If a person has made a bet which does not cover 0 and the ball happens to land on the zero on a spin, the player will only lose half of the bets.

How to play Mini Roulette

This game is generally played like the other roulette versions. Before taking a spin, the player has the option to wager on the number of bets that are possible. This usually ranges from betting on the single numbers to various different combinations of numbers during the same time period. It is important to note that each of the bets normally has its own unique payout and they are different from each other. After each spin, the losing wagers are normally collected while the winning bets are usually paid out. From here, the player can go ahead and make new bets before they spin again.

Mini Roulette list of bets

The type of bets that are available with this game could be a little bit familiar if a player has ever played standard roulette. However it is important to note that the payouts are usually quite different. Some of the bets that make this game include:

Straight up/single number- this is normally made on any 1 number on the roulette board. This can also be made by directly playing a bet on the number. If the number happens to be a winner on the next spin the bet will end up paying 11-1.

Split- this is a bet that is made on any 2 adjacent numbers on the wheel. It is normally made by placing a bet on the line between the 2 numbers. The bet normally pays 5-1 if one of the numbers becomes the winning one on the next spin.

Street- this is the type of bet that is made on any row of 3 numbers on the roulette board. It can be simply made by placing the chips on the line edge. If the numbers win the payout is 2-1.

Corner/square- this covers 4 numbers in a square pattern. It can also be made when a player places chips on the corner intersect of 4 numbers. The bet payout is 2-1 is the numbers of the column win on the spin.

Column- this covers full column of 4 numbers on the Roulette board. It can also be made by placing your chips on the top of the ideal column. This also pays 2-1 if the numbers win.

Half dozen- this covers 1 of the 3 ranges of 6 numbers i.e. 4-9, 1-6 or 7-12. The bet pays even money if numbers within the range win.

Even/Odd- this normally covers all even or odd numbers on the Roulette wheel respectively. This also pays even money.

Black/Red- this covers all the number of appropriate colors of the wheel i.e. 6 black 6 red. This pays out even money. » Games » Mini Roulette
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