Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette was launched in April 2018 by Evolution Gaming. This live and multiplayer table game is named after its multiplier-triggering feature. The single zero-oriented Lightning Roulette has an upgraded version, First Person Lightning Roulette (July 2019).

Other roulette games from the developer include: Live European Roulette (2018), Immersive Roulette (2013), French Roulette (2018), American Roulette, Speed Roulette (2018), Auto Roulette (2018), Instant Roulette (2020), Double Ball Roulette (2018), Dual Play Roulette, VIP Roulette (2018), Salon Prive (2018), Mini Live Roulette (2018), Native Speaking Roulette, Dedicated Roulette, and Ruleta En Vivo (2018).

Lightning Roulette Game Characteristics

Lightning Roulette is streamed from an ultra-modern Latvian casino room, with yellow-lit pillars. Generally, it is divided into three sections. The on/off racetrack is at bottom right, while the main grid is at bottom left—there is another cascading grid behind the dealer. Its brown-and-off-white 3D roulette wheel—on a yellow stand—is at top center, between the chat interface at top left and statistics at top right.

There is a color-changing strip at the middle, displaying: a 15-second green bet-placement session; a two-second yellow “bets closing” session; red “bets closed” stage; a yellow lightning round; and a gray outcome-showing stage.

The main grid’s bets: straight up, split, street, corner, line, column (top, central and bottom columns), dozen (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12), red/black, even/odd, and 1-18/19-36. The +/- 0-9 neighbors bets: tier, orphelins, voisins, and zero.

Lightning Roulette has six casino chips $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, and $25. All bet types have a $0.20 minimum bet limit. Maximum bet limits: straight up needs $250.00; split up requires $500.00; street up requires $750.00; corner up requires $1000.00; line up needs $1500.00; column, or dozen bets require up requires $3000.00; and red/black, even/odd, and 1-18/19-36 require $5000.00. Table limits: $0.20 minimum and $5000.00 maximum bets.

During the lightning round, two to four suspended gold bars-like features reveal two to four lucky numbers that are then assigned between X50 and X500 bet multipliers. Thereafter, the roulette wheel starts spinning before displaying its ball’s stoppage number that is also highlighted by a double-ringed yellow marker.

Straight up pays between 29:1 and 499:1. Split pays 17:1. Street pays 11:1. Corner pays 8:1. Line pays 5:1. Column, or dozen pays 2:1. Red/black, even/odd, or 1-18/19-36 pays 1:1. The maximum single win is X500 for a winning straight up, which is $125,000.00. Lightning Roulette’s non-progressive jackpot is $200000.00.

The Lightning Roulette software features: playing history; hot/cold statistics; on/off hide players’ chats (including chat moderator Nitsa), auto zoom-in video, leave winning bets, and 30-minute or 60-minute game session reminders; and volume slider for the master volume, studio sound, and game effect.

Sounds: unmute/mute the voices of the live presenters whose names include Mario, Ieva and Marks; and effects like rattling, chinking, ringing, and jingling. There are immersive view and classic view options for spinning wheel.

The cinematic graphics include lightning bolts, cascading grid, spinning, flashing, glowing, and electromagnetic radiation. The video quality options: auto-adjust, HD, high, and medium.

Luck in Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette, a game of chance, has two sets of RTP rates. A straight up’s RTP rate is 97.10%; its house edge is 2.90%. The remaining bet types have a 97.30% RTP rate and a 2.70% house edge. » Games » Lightning Roulette
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