Common Draw Roulette

ong before Hollywood fell in love with casinos, there had been a phenomenon that attracted hundreds of people to these halls.

Roulette or the ‘little wheel’ according to the French, is one of the most popular games in the history of gambling. The fact that an ivory ball bouncing on a numbered wheel is an icon for casinos today is a testament to this.

Common Draw, from Net Entertainment, is a pro series table game that takes us back to the roots of roulette. It is easy to imagine yourself seated on a grand casino table as you watch the wheel spin. The game also comes with many interactive features and effects that really enlivens the experience of playing this game.

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Some Unique Features of Common Draw Roulette

Common Draw roulette was created with the latest technology and has many distinct features that separate it from other roulette games on the market.

Common Draw was specifically developed to virtually recreate the experience of playing roulette in a casino. Therefore, the game comes with many features that support this experience.

Common Draw features a multi-player lobby, which, much like an actual lobby, enables a player find out how many tables are open and the number of players active. In this game, each table is in a different playing mode and has a unique betting limit and spin level.

Each player has 30 second to place a bet after the last spin of the wheel. It is easy to place a bet, and players have the option of staking on a single number or on a series of numbers. Players can play for fun to familiarize themselves with the game or get some chips and play for real.

The chat box enables players communicate with one another and share ideas. This game is particularly recommended for spin roulette rookies as it comes with many tools to guide them through this exciting adventure. Besides a log of the previous winning numbers, players can also view the betting and winning information of other players and even consult them directly for tips. Players are actually allowed to copy the previous bets of other players while placing their bets in this game.

Perhaps, the most unique feature of Common Draw roulette is the sound effect. From the cling of the ivory ball on the metal rim of the numbered wheel to the voice of the virtual attendant reading out the winning number; it is easy to believe that you are actually in Las Vegas.

The graphics of this game is also quite commendable. The screen does not break or freeze when the wheel is spinning and you can actually follow the numbers with your eyes as you’d do at a real table. Additionally, a small screen pops up and zooms the numbers on the wheel each time the ivory ball stops. This ensures you can keep track of the game confidently by yourself.

How to Play Common Draw Roulette

Common Draw Roulette is based on European standard single zero roulette. This means that there are 37 sections on the wheel; numbered 0 to 36.

Like other roulette games, Common Draw is played on a simple principle. An ivory ball is spun on a wheel moving in the opposite direction. Players are to guess which number the ball will rest on when the wheel stops moving by placing their chips on the appropriate number on the roulette table.

In this game, players bet against the house. There are varying betting limits on each table; find out the limit on each table by checking the MIN/MAX box.

Enter the game by selecting chips from the lower right corner of the screen and clicking on your chosen number on the table. You can bet on multiple numbers by clicking the special bets icon on the lower left corner of the screen. Common Draw roulette also permits players to make traditional roulette bets like split bet, street bet, common bet, column bet, first four, line bet and dozen bet.

There are different types of chips to choose from with different values. You can select a single chip by pressing SHIFT and clicking on the chips.

The board is spun every 35 seconds and players must have placed and confirmed their bets before 5 seconds to the next spin in order to be eligible for the round.

You can consult the statistics tab to discover the 5 hottest and coldest numbers for the last 500 spins.

Players are immediately credited with their winnings in this game. But a log of the winning bets and the value of the wins can be viewed on the top right corner of the screen.

Where to Play Common Draw Roulette

If this sounds like a game you want to try your hands on, visit Video Slots (Not available to Americans, but check out Roulette 5 at WinADay Casino instead.) and experience this unparalleled gaming experience. » Games » Common Draw Roulette
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