What You Need To Know About Chinese Roulette

The Chinese Roulette is a unique type of roulette which replaces the numbers with Chinese Year symbols. It offers its players a wonderful experience of roulette, and it’s well known for far greater payouts and excellent betting range.

The key goal for Chinese roulette players is determining where the ball will land on the spin wheel, then place their bets properly. In the game of Chinese roulette, a player can either choose to place multiple bets or a single bet. When the ball falls on a certain Chinese sign which a player has placed a bet on, then they are given payouts with regard to the proposed winnings mentioned on the pay table.

What are the features of the Chinese roulette?
Some of the key features of Chinese Roulette are a Chinese themed roulette experience, a unique roulette board, and the clear single bet function. The least bids have been set to $0.25 and the highest bids may go up to even $1 250. The winnings and bets make this game more exciting to its players and offer much better excitement levels and much higher payouts.

Unlike other roulette games where there are numbers 1-36, in the Chinese roulette, these numbers replaced by the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. These signs are Rabbit, Rat, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Ox, Tiger, Rooster, Horse, Goat, Dog, and Pig. Game Basics Of The Chinese Roulette There eight chips that are displayed on the right side of the board and they show the bets available to players.

The elevated chip displays the present chip value. Chinese roulette players may change the value of the chip by clicking another chip. Once the value is set, a player can place his bets on the symbols board. To place his bets, a player needs to select his preferred choices on the symbols Board and click on them.

For a player to place multiple bets or raise the value of a single bet, he has to click on the symbols continuously. As he keeps on clicking, more chips are added to the chosen bets. For a player to reduce or remove his bets, he is required to click on the Clear All Bets button or the Clear Single Bet button, which will depend on whether the player has placed multiple bets or a single bet.

There are various types of bets which may be placed in Chinese Roulette and each bet has different payouts and different odds. To know more about these different bets, odds, and payouts, a player can check out the pay table.

There are two categories of bets in Chinese Roulette; Outside Bets or Inside Bets.

Inside bets cover certain specific symbols while outside bets allow the players to cover a vast category of symbols or a range of results. However, since outside bets cover a range of results, they tend to have lower payouts.

The culture of China adds the excitement of a classic game to the Chinese Roulette. With a gameplay similar to other roulette games and payouts which are far better than other games, the Chinese Roulette is becoming one of the most favorite online roulette games. » Games » What You Need To Know About Chinese Roulette
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