No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced is a classic table game whose earliest version was released on February 8, 2018 by Casino Web Scripts. It is the basis of the No-Zero Roulette 3D Advanced (January 2019). The “No-Zero” series also includes Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 2D Advanced (April 2018) and Jackpot Roulette No-Zero 3D Advanced (January 2019).

The developer’s “2D Advanced” also consists of American Roulette 2D Advanced (February 2018), French Roulette 2D Advanced (April 2018), and European Roulette 2D Advanced (February 2018).

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced Game Characteristics

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced is set on a dark brown wooden platform. Its square dark teal has a concave left margin to accommodate the detached 2D roulette wheel—alongside the absence of zeroes inspired the game’s title—that is half-embedded on the woodwork.

Neither an American roulette-related nor a European roulette-based game; No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced has no call bets as it lacks a racetrack; moreover, its main grid has numbers 1 to 36 only, exclusive to the table bets.

There are ten casino chips in No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced, namely: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, and $500. Players press a chip then double-tap the bet spots for: straight up, split bet, street bet, corner bet, five numbers, six numbers, column bet, dozen bet, even/odd bet, 1-18/19-36, and black/red bet.

Minimum bet limit: $0.01. Minimum table limit: $5.00. The chips can be undone, X-canceled, cleared, doubled, or rebet. The maximum bet limit and maximum table limit: $25000.00. To start spinning, click the roulette wheel then confirm. The female dealer reads drawn value, which is also shown in a tiny screen grab.

These are the No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced payouts: straight up pays 35: 1; split bet pays 17:1; street bet pays 11:1; corner bet pays 8:1; five-number bet pays 6:1; six-line bet pays 5:1; dozen bet, or column bet pays 2:1; and odd/even, or red/black, or first half/second half bet pays 1:1. Theoretically, No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced has (36X25000) a $900000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced uses HTML5 and JavaScript technology. Software features: full screen, magnifier, hot/cold numbers, and both mobile and desktop versions. It is primarily available in English, although the buyers can request translations into Malay, Swedish, Chinese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, and Portuguese and many more languages.

A rotating ball, glowing winning values, and the spinning and a self-centering wheel are among the animated 2D graphics. Sound effects: cueing female and commanding male dealers, chinking, and rattling.

The Chrome and Firefox browsers are especially recommended for the desktop version, while Safari and Chrome are recommended for the mobile version. Opera and Internet Explorer are supported too. Supported operating systems: macOS, Linux and Windows for desktops; and Android 5+ and iOS 11+ in mobile versions.

Casino Web Scripts charges a premium for its custom development services like graphical, audio, and visual modifications, which qualified players can also perform after buying the game’s HTML5 source codes.

Luck in No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced

No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced, a game of chance, has a 95.00% RTP rate and a $5.00 house edge. » Games » No-Zero Roulette 2D Advanced
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