Diamond Roulette

In 2008, the game of Diamond Roulette made its debut in Atlantic City. The game has since become available at various online casinos around the world.

This game is different from traditional roulette in that it offers a special layout that entails multiple colors. It offers six different colors to look for.

Like with any other roulette game, the key is to bet on where the ball will land on a 37 or 38-number wheel. The numbers on the wheel will vary based on the 0 and 00 numbers that are included on the wheel. European variants use just the 0 while the American version has both.

The Key Difference

The important thing to notice about Diamond Roulette is that it is designed with six colors. Instead of the typical red and black colors used in traditional roulette, Diamond Roulette uses red, green, blue, yellow, black and purple colors.

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The even money red and black bets found in traditional roulette are not included in Diamond Roulette. Other bets are available including the traditional inside and outside bets that roulette games feature.


The rules of Diamond Roulette are simple and easy to understand. A player will have to place a bet on an inside or outside point. The specific bet can entail a single number or a series of numbers.

The objective is to bet on the correct number on the wheel. A winning bet can entail one that lands on a specific number or on a certain color based on what a chip reads out.

The payouts on this game are organized with traditional roulette rules in mind. These include the same rules for straight-up bets, corners, boxes and odd or even bets among others. The red and black even money bets are not included but players can bet on any of the six colors on the board.

A bet on a single color offers a 5 to 1 payout. Six numbers are represented on each of these colors with the 0 and 00 being listed separately from everything else. The single-zero European game uses a 2.78% house edge while the double-zero American game has a 5.26% house edge.

Like with any other roulette game, any 0 or 00 roll will cause any even money payout bets to lose. Only bets that entail these two numbers will actually get wins. Players can choose to bet on whatever numbers they want provided that they work within the proper limits in terms of what they can bet on.

How to Play

To play this game, you will have to make a series of bets like with any other roulette game. The minimums on how much you have to spend on inside or outside bets will vary based on the place you play the game at.

The table is laid out based on the numbers on the table while some of the traditional outside bets are still there. You should clearly notice spaces where you can bet on individual colors at. This will provide you with spots to place specific color bets at. You can choose to bet on multiple colors if you prefer although the rules will vary based on where you go for playing the game.

You could try and use a betting system if desired as well although that may not be applicable for Diamond Roulette. You will still have the full option to do whatever you feel with regards to how you are going to wager money on a game.

Where To Play

Although Diamond Roulette was originally introduced in Atlantic City, it would be rather difficult for you to find a physical roulette table dedicated to this variant at a typical casino. It might be easier for you to go online and find one of various online casinos that offer this game. The options are rather vast and are always being updated as more places begin to take notice of this exciting version of the traditional roulette game. The excitement of this game will certainly make this more appealing to fans online.


The world of roulette has certainly gotten a new twist in recent time thanks to Diamond Roulette. Try this game out if you’re looking for a new way to play roulette with some special types of bets that are different from what you might normally be used to » Games » Diamond Roulette
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