California Roulette

California Roulette

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Roulette games have been popularly played in casinos since the 17th century. First played in the France, this games continue to bring excitement and a fun gambling experiences for gamers around the globe. The casino business owners have also continually smiled their ways to the bank thanks to these games. It has been relatively easy to see and understand why this game has been embraced by many. Unfortunately however, most of the casino games, especially those that are played by the wheel, were banned in the state of California.

That left California Roulette as the only one of them that was legal. This legalization occurred in 2004. Different states have different ways of playing roulette and craps. In the state of California, it is against the law to spin the roulette wheel and drop a ball to decide the winning number from the wheel just like it is unacceptable to throw dice to decide the outcome of the game. California roulette, as allowed by the state’s laws, is to be played by cards to pick the winning number.

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California roulette uses a deck of 38 cards where each number comes with a suit and color like the normal deck of playing cards. Since this game is not played using a roulette wheel, each card has identical numbers as the ones on the roulette wheel. To play the game, the cards are placed on an automatic shuffler by the dealer. The shuffler produces cards that determine either the winning or the losing bets either depending on the number a card bares, its color or its suit. In some cases, the player could place a bet depending on the suit or card that is ejected from the shuffler lastly. If the number on the last card is either 1, 18, 19 or 36, then the bet lasts.

How to Play California Roulette

As mentioned before, California roulette is easy to understand and play. Before anyone would get to playing however, the basics would be important to know.

There are usually 8 players against the house represented by the dealer who places the cards in the shuffler. The game will pay all players who correctly predicted the outcome of each round and the losers will lose their bet.

The en prison rule makes it possible for the the player to take back half of their money or withdraw the bet if the bet is zero. If for the second time the bet is zero then the bet is lost in prison’.

Lastly the la partage rule is similar to the en prison rule only the player is not allowed to do another bet after withdrawing half of his bet. They are the even money bets and apply when a bet is zero.

After getting familiar with the basics of California Roulette, the player needs to know what she/he need to do during the game. Gambling games are all about strategizing. Whether you are playing it in the casino or online, you have to take your time to learn before you can start winning some meaningful bets. Most importantly, one needs to learn the payouts. There are lists at every casino on how this is done so you may want to go through it before you get into a game. Remember, each casino is unique to their own game.

This is the only way you would know how your bets are doing during the game. Also, a player needs to get familiar with the different betting names.When a player makes a single number bet, the results are a 36 or 37 to one odds. Most people make their bets in fractions and it would be useful if they combined their bets, this increases their chances of winning. In as much as split choices could increase your winning chances, the value of the win is normally decreased. Betting helps bring a balance in between chances and the total sum that can be gained through the game. Six cell number betting is however preferred because it includes two stripes of two numbers which has black and red column and the even and odd and choices that offer consistent winning.

Places to Play California roulette

Due to the banning of the roulette wheel by the California state division of gambling, playing the California roulette may not be as proactive in the state of California as in Las Vegas. There are however a number of casinos where you can play the game with cards such as;

  1. Pala Casino Spa Resort – This resort is located in Pala of California. It gives you a luxurious way of playing California roulette with its inbuilt spa, amenities and multiple restaurants. They provide you with the game the traditional way, the deck of 38 cards, in as much as they say they do it the Las Vegas way. Their rules and winning bets are also determined just like the traditional way of determining the winning number.
  2. Harrah’s Rincon – Based in San Diego, Harrah’s Rincon is where you can play volcanic roulette bingo. The bingo transforms the expectations of the wheel, does away with the table and does it in a bingo format. This comes in handy for the gamers who are obsessed with the betting format but also won’t let go the bouncing ball. While you are playing volcanic roulette bingo, Harrah’s Rincon in the valley center offers you several other hotel services.
  3. Viejas Casino – Viejas Casino located in the Alpine of California is a Native American joint that gives you a taste of their own roulette known as the mystery card roulette. The have a variety of poker tables and their own roulette sticks to the rules of the traditional roulette. In addition to the ambiance and environment this casino provides, there is a mall where you can get anything you could wish for. This game is also played with cards.

California Roulette Final Thoughts

California roulette is known to bring a lot of energy and adrenalin rush whether played online or in casino halls. It is truly an amazing game which you don’t want to miss out on the next time you visit California. » Games » California Roulette
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